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Leopard class is a junior class led by Helen and supported by Sarah D, Nikki S, Sarah H, Becky, Justin and Nikki C. We learn through a range of multi-sensory experiences, ensuring that the children can be hands on with their learning.

We are learning to develop our confidence and independence. We do this through having access to a range of activities, working in a team and promoting essential life skills. We all have responsibilities within the class such as taking the register to the office, leading the line, and helping with end the end of day activities!

We have a strong sense of community within the class where everybody helps each other and all the adult’s and children’s opinions are listened to and valued. We have access to activities such as trampolining, forest schools, cooking, soft play, sensory rooms, emersion rooms and swimming. All of these activities and facilities allow the children to access different experiences and maximise their learning. We also go on regular trips to local places which help encourage and develop children’s life skills. Alongside this we experience trips further afield to support our topics.

The children learn through a range of different situations including whole class teaching, group work and 1:1 sessions. The children’s interests are taken into account when planning and this means that children are excited about their learning and want to engage and progress. We have a very visual approach to learning and use lots of symbols to support the children’s understanding, using things such as colourful semantics and PECs to support communication during the day.

In the autumn term our topic will be ‘Under Attack’, this will see the children go back in time to explore ‘The Vikings’, ‘Anglo Saxons’ amongst others in a multi-sensory way. In the spring our topic will be ‘Where’s Wally’ where we will be looking at the different countries he has travelled to over the years. Finally in the summer term our topic will be ‘Out and About’ where we will be looking at places around us, including our local shops and landmarks.







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