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Hedgehog class is a junior class for children in years 3,4 and 5. We have 11 children in our class. The teacher is Hannah, supported by five teaching assistants- Sue, Louise, Sarah, Kate and Jade. This year our topics include dinosaurs and Stone Age where we will be learning about different dinosaurs and animals, where they lived/live and how dinosaurs became extinct.

In Hedgehog class children learn through a combination of independent learning, focused small groups and 1:1 work. Children are encouraged to learn new social skills through games and play as well as form friendships within the class. They learn to read and write through sensory topic based play and learning activities. Each week children take part in a science experiment to find out more about their world and how and why things happen.

Each morning pupils are encouraged to hang up their things and bring in their home-school books. The children are encouraged to be independent and to help out with classroom jobs including pouring the drinks for snack time, taking the register to the office and helping at lunch time.

In the second half term we will go on topic related trips every week, these will include places such as South water country park, the beach to hunt for fossils and a cave!

We have swimming and rebound on a Thursday afternoon and Forest school and grow it, cook it, eat it on a Tuesday. This allows the children to learn new exciting skills and share lots of delicious food round a campfire. We have already formed great friendships with in the class, helping each other, being kind and caring. We look forward to more happy times and great learning in Hedgehog class.

Hannah, Kate, Jade, Sue, Louise and Sarah

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