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The Unique Hub consists of four classes, all named with an underwater theme: Jellyfish Class, Starfish Class, Seahorse Class and Rainbow Fish Class.

Jellyfish Class is taught by Sophie Loydell and the Teaching Assistants are Steph, Sharon, Aimee, Marwa, Ellis, Jodie and Shlomit.

There are eight children in Turtle Class. The class runs using elements of the TEACCH system, ensuring that the children are given a clear routine, structure and schedule to enable them to work independently and gain confidence. Each member of our staff works closely with each child to offer them opportunities to maximise effective communication with others. This approach is also supported by the daily Attention Autism Intervention which is followed in Turtle Class to enhance attention and communication skills.

During the children’s learning time, there are different stations set up around the classroom to develop different skills:

– 1:1 Teaching with Sophie

– SOLO work : Where children are given activities to complete independently to build confidence.

– Sensory Work: With a teaching assistant, working on different sensory strategies, individualised to each child.

– Fine Motor Skills: Working with a teaching assistant on developing fine motor skills that will help children with holding a pencil, cutting, drawing etc.

– Independent Learning: Exciting, topic related activities are set out each day for children to explore.

During the Autumn Term our Topic is Yum Yum!, we will be learning about all different types of food, where it comes from and what ingredients you need to make different delicious foods. Our key texts for his term are…

Handa’s Surprise

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Olivers Vegetables

The Gingerbread Man

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Kippers Birthday

Ketchup On Your Cornflakes

Father Christmas Needs A Wee!

This week, the children have explored these texts during their ‘Stunning Start’ and they have all loved the sensory experiences that were set up for them to explore.



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