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Cornfield School Students created resources for Palatine

20th October 2017

This week students from Cornfield School have been working to create sensory resources for us.  They had a board meeting with members of our school council who briefed them on what resources we needed.  Thank you to the students and staff at Cornfield School.

Bumblebee Class visit Mewsbrook Park

20th October 2017

Bumblebees have been working on developing their skills in keeping safe whilst exploring the local environment. They have visited Highdown Gardens and Mewsbrook park.

Boccia Tournament

20th October 2017

Some of our pupils in Key Stage 2 attended a Boccia Tournament with  several other local schools. They all tried really hard and played amazingly well. Well done to all of them for representing Palatine School.  

Connor Saunders Foundation donate a defibrilator to the school

20th October 2017

The school are extremely grateful to receive a defibrillator from the Connor Saunders Foundation.  Mrs Saunders, Connors's mum,  presented the defibrilator to the staff and children in Seahorse Class.  Below is a letter from Mrs Saunders and more information about 'The Connor Saunders Foundation.' "I am delighted that Palatine Primary School have been presented with a Defibrillator thanks to my son Connor's foundation.  It was an honour to spend time in your school to help make it heart safe and we would like to thank you all; staff, governors and children  for making us feel so welcome. Special thanks to all staff that helped in [READ MORE]

Seahorse Class play Boccia

2nd October 2017

"A Sports Coach from Oak Grove College set up Boccia for Seahorse Class this morning in the hall.  One of our Seahorses was particularly fabulous and demonstrated an awareness of the presence of an adult during the game."

Dragonflies have been learning all about food

2nd October 2017

This term Dragonflies will be learning all about food. They will be leaning about how food it grown, following and creating recipes and food from different parts of the world.  Here are some pictures of Dragonfly Class from the primary picnic, immersing themselves in themselves in the stories that will shape their learning this term. Here a pupil is making a cup of tea from the story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea.' We look forward to lots more exciting experiences this term.

Giraffe Class – Dig, Dig, Dig

21st September 2017

We have had a very exciting time in Giraffes as we have started out new topic - Dig, Dig, Dig. We discovered mystery eggs left in the garden outside and then came back on a Monday morning to find our classroom trashed and an egg missing! Later we found footprints and CCTV footage that bseemed to suggest that dinosaurs might be responsible for the damage! To top it all we were visited by a Tyrranosaurus Rex and her baby the same week which caused much excitement. Since then we have been finding out more about dinosaurs [READ MORE]

Flamingos Yum Yum Topic

21st September 2017

Flamingo class visited a café as part of their Yum Yum topic.  They ordered food and drinks from a menu and got to look inside the kitchen to see how everything was made.  Back at school children have been reliving their experience in their role play café.

Robin Class Graduation

21st July 2017

Today we had our graduation for Robin Class.  We celebrated with the children and their families looking at a slideshow of photos from across the year.

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