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Within our Unique Hub pupils are taught through a multi-sensory approach following an individualised scheme of learning for all pupils. For pupils with severe ASC this may be through the TEACCH approach and Attention Autism Support Strategies. This supports pupils to be able to develop independence in their access to the curriculum as well as develop more functional and purposeful communication for independence. In our classes for learners with sensory needs and PMLD, teaching and learning is adapted through the IMPACTS curriculum to provide pupils with an individualised curriculum that is centred on key skills children are working to develop.  These key skills are then developed through all aspects of children’s routines enabling their learning to become functional and purposeful for them.

The following classes are in the unique hub:


In our Unique Hub this year pupils are studying the following themes and learning journeys

Octopus Class Overview – Yum Yum – Autumn Term (1)

Over the Rainbow Autumn Term Rainbow Fish and Seahorses

Turtle Class Overview – Yum Yum – Autumn Term (1)


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