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Federation Information

The Cornfield, Oak Grove and Palatine Federation of Special Schools

In February 2013 Palatine Primary joined Oak Grove College (a generic secondary special school) and Cornfield School (a KS2, 3, 4 SEBD special school) in a federation.

The three schools have an over arching Federation Governing Body, comprising of four members from the management committee of each school. Each school retains its own unique status, characteristics, specialisms and DFE number. The federation enables the schools to cooperate on a number of levels, from sharing resources, enabling joint contracts for staff, economies of scale in relation to procurement and most importantly the development and sharing of excellence in relation to learning and teaching.

The current federation development plan focuses on these areas:

  • Development of the quality of English teaching and learning
  • Development of the quality of IT teaching and learning and the use of IT to support learning
  • Development of middle leadership
  • Development of learners’ confidence and independence
  • Developing staff understanding of neurological factors and their impact on learning

In addition to the day to day work the federation supports the work of the Headteachers and the Business Managers and ensures that self evaluation is rigorous.

Recent successes of the federation have been the working of science specialist staff across the three schools to moderate work and develop high quality teaching in all three schools, so that science provision is consistently good now.

Another has been the sharing of literacy expertise across all three schools to help all non specialists in developing their confidence in teaching literacy, both discretely and across all curriculum areas.

The sharing of staff to provide professional development opportunities has been another strength including sharing music teachers, IT technicians and providing an opportunity for an AHT to act as DHT.

The current chair of the federation governing body is Liz Cook. She can be contacted through the college office.

Our Federation Education Research Blog

Follow this link to the education research blog. This is a place to reflect on new and existing research about education practice as well as a forum to share experiences and thoughts of teachers, school staff and the wider community about how we can continue striving for excellence for our students. This blog is the collaborative initiative of the Cornfield, Oak Grove and Palatine Federation of Special Schools.


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