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Thrive Federation Run

20th March 2019

The Thrive Federation Charity 5 and 10km run took place on Sunday March 10th on Worthing seafront.

A  huge thank you to the hundreds of budding runners who battled against the wind and rain to raise funds for all the children at Palatine and the other schools within the Thrive Federation.

Thank you too, to Myra Jasper, Tesco Community Champion from Tesco West Durrington store who donated the water for the runners and also took part in the run and to all the  volunteers and everyone who donated cakes and supported the runners on the day

We were also grateful to the Mayor and Mayoress and town crier, Bob Smytherman, for supporting the event.
We also had sponsorship and contributions from Ridge Crest Cleaning, Water Babies and Crest Swim School.

World Book Day

20th March 2019

The children had a fantastic day coming to school dressed up as their favourite book characters.

Rainbowfish Class trip to the Sealife Centre

20th March 2019

Rainbow fish had lots of fun at the Sea Life Centre, we really enjoyed watching the fish go over our heads when walking through the tunnel and getting chance to feel a real life star fish and a crab. The weather was beautiful so after our exploring we went to the outside area and had lots of fun in the sand pit, playing with the stones and watching the boats on the sea.

Worthless Letter 8th March 19

8th March 2019

8th March

Dear Parent / Carer

Update – School Funding Issues

 I wanted to contact you to provide an update on current issues relating to school funding.

Sadly, I have to confirm that despite intense lobbying of the Government and Department for Education, matters remain extremely challenging.  In short, schools are still not being provided with adequate funding and resource to deliver the level of provision and support that is expected and that our families and children deserve.

 Current Concerns

  • Since 2010 school budgets have been reduced in real terms by 8% and by 20% at post-16
  • Class sizes are rising and the curricular offer is being restricted
  • Increasingly, schools are being asked to support with children’s emotional health and wellbeing. Frequently, we do not have adequate resource to meet a growing need.
  • Often, the most vulnerable students in our schools – those from disadvantaged backgrounds or those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) – are bearing the brunt of cuts and schools are struggling to provide the levels of support that they are entitled to.

These issues are not simply affecting a few schools.  They are common features across our education system up and down the country.  Levels of concern are so widespread amongst headteachers that we are all working together with a united voice.

As such, we have written to the Secretary of State for Education on three separate occasions since September 2018.  We are dismayed that he has chosen to ignore our communications and repeated requests to meet.   On 13 December 2018, we were informed by a junior civil servant that I am afraid that, on this occasion, the Secretary of State and the Minister of State must decline your offer to meetI hope you will understand that their time is heavily pressurised and their diaries need to be prioritised according to ministerial, Parliamentary and constituency business.

Given the seriousness of the current school funding crisis and the impact upon schools, children and families, head teacher colleagues and I, believe that this approach is entirely ill-judged.  On 14 January 2019, we wrote again to the Secretary of State for Education asking that he reconsider meeting with representative head teachers.  Six weeks later, this request was declined once more: “As I’m sure you will appreciate, both their diaries are very full and they are unable to accept your kind offer at this time.”  Thousands of head teachers simply do not understand what issues could be seen as more important than the ones we are raising on behalf of schools, children and families.

In September 2018, over 2000 headteachers campaigned at Westminster in order to underline the seriousness of the current situation.  This action was unprecedented.

The ‘Worth Less?’ campaign group now comprises 64 Local Authorities and Boroughs, covering thousands of schools and millions of families.  This gives a clear indication of the levels of concern felt by reasonable and moderate head teachers in England.

We continue to recognise that there is not a ‘bottomless pit’ of money and also acknowledge that many local MPs from across the political spectrum are taking a supportive approach.  We must make clear, however, that the current response from the Department for Education is inadequate.

Why we need to meet

  • Head teachers want to contribute constructively to overcome current funding issues.
  • Head teachers want to reflect the serious concerns expressed by families regarding inadequate levels or resource and provision especially for our most vulnerable students.
  • Head teachers want to ensure that schools receive a much better deal when future Government spending plans – the Comprehensive Spending Review – are drawn up over the next few months.
  • Head teachers want to indicate serious and rising concerns relating to the wider pastoral and social care that schools are expected, by default, to provide against a background of severe cuts to Local Authority provision.

Head teacher colleagues and I, feel fortunate that we have been so strongly supported by parents and carers as we campaign for a much improved level of funding for our schools and pupils.  We urge you to continue to make representations to your local MP and to the Department for Education and wider Government to ensure that matters improve.

We will continue to inform you of the facts and to campaign vigorously over coming weeks and months.  A positive starting point should come from the Secretary of State for Education in the form of an urgent meeting.

Yours sincerely

Catriona Goldsmith

Junior Hub’s visit to the Science Museum

9th January 2019

On Thursday 29th November and Tuesday 4th December Junior Hub children went to visit the Science Museum in London as part of their topic ‘ To infinity and Beyond!’. They all had a wonderful day looking at the amazing space artefacts there. They watched a 4D movie where they got to experience what is was like to land and drive about on the moon and took part in a session exploring life on the International Space Station, including finding out about floating poo! All children were wonderfully behaved and had a great day!

Paraplay Day

9th January 2019

Dragonfly class went to the Paraplay day. This is a sports event run by the students at Chichester university. All of the children had the opportunity to try a range of new sports and take part in fun games with other schools.

They had a great day and really enjoyed taking part in everything!


Children In Need

20th November 2018

The children had a great time putting all the pennies they brought in to school from family and friends into the outline of Pudsey Bear.  The pennies will be counted and presented to Children in Need.

This term in Wolves Class

19th November 2018

Hello from Wolves class,

Our term began rather dramatically with an alien landing on our back field and taking our premises officer! It’s okay though as he had just gone to help them repair their ship.

We read Bob’s Best Ever Friend and wrote stories about our best ever best friend from space.

We then went into space thanks to an observatory visiting us in the sports hall. We learnt all about the stars and the stories behind them, we even invented our own stories behind our own constellations.

We have learnt a great deal about how to keep ourselves safe, including roads, fireworks, strangers and of course cooking safely (you’ll notice a theme here).

This term we have been busy exploring space. We have made rocket pizzas, mars cake, alien cupcakes, meteorite cakes, sandwiches for our trip to space and cookies for Children In Need (we really like our food!!)

We have been looking at Star Wars and using the toys to help us write our own stories about other worlds and aliens. We have even used a stop motion programme to make our own short films.

Next term we are going ‘To The Movies’, who knows where this will take us and what we will see, hear and feel then, hopefully there will be more food though.

James and the Wolves

This Week in Seahorse Class

14th November 2018

Seahorse class have been using switches to operate a microwave as part of their Environmental Control Technology learning.  They made mug cakes and explored the ingredients before mixing and heating in the microwave.


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