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West Worthing 5k & 10k

26th January 2018

West Worthing 5k & 10k

Sunday 11th March 2018 – 10:30am start

A great seafront run along Worthing seafront offering a choice of 10k or 5k distances, it is a fast and flat run on an out and back route on Sunday 11th March 2018.

The run is to raise money for four fantastic special schools in the Thrive Federation.  Palatine Primary School and Oak Grove College in Worthing and Herons Dale Primary School in Shoreham cater for children with special educational needs, many of whom have associated sensory, motor and communication difficulties including Autistic Spectrum Conditions.  Cornfield School in Littlehampton is for boys with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.  All the schools do incredible work with the children but, as always, budgets are tight.  Fundraising allows the schools to address the unique needs of all the pupils at the schools and enhance their learning experience to make it as fun, dynamic and creative as possible.

Some of the projects the schools are looking to fund are; wheelchair accessible play equipment, a Forest School shelter, playground trim trail and surfacing, sensory equipment for calming room and refurbishment of a Food Technology room.

After the success of last year’s run we are back for a second year and are hoping again for a great turnout.  The event is managed by Sporting Events UK and will be chip timed, officially measured and is licenced by Run Britain and UK Athletics, all finishers will get a bespoke medal plus there will be category and team prizes.

To book a place visit: http://www.sportingeventsuk.com/enterevent/worthing-10/

Runners can also help to raise more money for the schools through sponsorship, paper sponsorship forms can be downloaded from the above website or follow this link to create a just giving fundraising page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising-page/creation/?cid=189402&eid=4045393&utm_source=website_cid189402_eid4045393&utm_medium=eventlinking&utm_campaign=eventlinkingurl  (The Friends of Palatine School are the collecting charity but the funds raised will be split equally between the 4 schools in the Thrive Federation).

Facilities at venue:

Toilets facilities. Free car parking nearby on residential streets. Refreshments available.

10k Entry fee:
Advanced entries: £16 affiliated club members, £18 unaffiliated
On-the-day (subject to space): £20

5k Entry fee:
Advanced entries: £12 affiliated club members, £14 unaffiliated
On-the-day (subject to space): £15

ADVANCED ENTRIES CLOSE FRIDAY 9TH MARCH 2018. PLEASE NOTE ON-THE-DAY ENTRIES CLOSE AT 9:15AM TO ALLOW THE RACE TO START ON TIME. Arrivals after this time may not be eligible to race. Thank you for your understanding. On-the-day entries are subject to space.

Under UK Athletics rules the minimum age for the 10km race is 15 years on the day and the minimum age for the 5k is 13 years on the day.



‘Round and Round the Garden’

26th January 2018

Seahorse Class have been out exploring our school gardens as part of our topic this term ‘Round and Round the Garden’.

National Funding Formula

11th January 2018

January 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

National Funding Formula – Headteachers’ response

As you are aware, we have been campaigning for improved funding for our schools for a sustained period of time.

In September 2017 the government announced its new National Funding Formula.  The result of this is that most mainstream schools will see a very small increase in their budgets for the 2018/19 financial year. West Sussex Secondary and Primary schools will benefit from this increase, but it will not be enough to reverse the year on year decline in funding, and many WS schools will still have to make further cuts, albeit smaller than expected.

But what the National Funding Formula has not done, is to address the funding differences between schools in different Local Authorities, so WS schools are still significantly underfunded compared to almost all other parts of the country. As an example, a WS Secondary school of 1200 pupils will still receive, on average, between just over £2M and just less than £4M less than schools in the greater London area. That is very roughly between 25% and 50% of their current budget.

However, your interest is in Special School funding, and in WS, the situation for your child’s education is of even greater concern.

Firstly, the National Funding Formula does not apply to Special schools, so WS Special Schools will not be receiving any increase in funding. However like all schools, we are facing cost rises that have to be paid for, so once again we will have to make further significant cuts. Like WS mainstream schools, we too are amongst the lowest funded in the country. The table below shows the eye watering inequalities between your childs school in West Sussex and those in better funded areas:

  West Sussex

Median income

National median income London median income
Funding for each pupil £19,447

per pupil


per pupil

£30,389                per pupil
Cash difference with WS per pupil funding   -£3959 -£10,942
Percentage difference to WS funding   -20% -56%
Funding for a Special School with 200 pupils £3,889,400 £4,681,200 £6,077,800
Cash difference with WS funding   £791,800 -£2,188,400


These are all Government figures, provided by the Department for Education. They show that an average large Special School in West Sussex with, say, 200 pupils (perhaps in Worthing, Burgess Hill, Chichester or Crawley) receives nearly £800,000 less than a school in, say, Reading, and over £2,000,000 less than a school in outer London. And on top of that, we are still having to make cuts every year of up to £70,000 just to make ends meet.

This cannot continue.

The Government have said that additional money is being given to Local Authorities specifically to fund SEND. That is true, but most Local Authorities, WS included, are not able to pass any of that extra funding on to Special Schools because they have other SEND cash shortfalls, partially caused by DfE cuts in other areas. In addition, the desperate situation in WS mainstream schools is creating pressure on Special Schools who are having to create extra spaces for pupils who could be placed successfully in mainstream schools if they were adequately funded.

Headteachers have looked in detail at the Department for Education’s own funding information and statistics and have concluded that the new arrangements fall well short of what was promised.

For over two years, WS Headteachers have run a relentlessly reasonable campaign requesting a fair deal for the children in our schools.  We have absolutely no desire to see schools in other parts of the country suffer a reduction in their own funding, but we cannot accept that the children that we educate are treated so unfairly.

At times, our resources, and those of the Local Authority, are so stretched that we worry about carrying out the most basic duty – that of maintaining the best possible welfare provision – to the levels to that all schools should be able to. Headteachers in other low funded areas of England, are all stating the same facts.

Some schools are even resorting to asking for parental contributions to supplement their beleaguered budgets, and some schools are having to send pupils home through a lack of staffing.  This is entirely unacceptable.

We are delighted that a cross party group of councillors from West Sussex are continuing to support our campaign so clearly.  On 4 January 2018, councillors of all political affiliations used the West Sussex County Times to state publically that the proposed new formula is “not fit for purpose”.

In November, representative Headteachers from 5000 schools across 25 counties, including Special Schools, petitioned the Chancellor directly.  The response was both superficial and inadequate. We now need every parent to step up alongside their child’s school and insist that matters must improve.

As a first action, we need our local MPs to raise their voices publically and unequivocally once again to confirm that the new funding formula proposed by the government is simply not fit for purpose.  We have already received an initial statement from them (excluding Nick Gibb MP as he is the school’s minister) which says:  “We recognise the pressures and that there is further to go to improve funding for our schools.  This issue remains a high priority for us and we will continue to stand up strongly for our local schools, including through representations to the new Education Secretary and the Chancellor.” 

Our collective work – and in particular, the sustained intervention of local MPs – was important in ensuring that some improvements were made to original proposals for the new formula.  We now need to have this work finished fairly and adequately, and in particular Special School funding must be recognised as a priority area for improvement.   Maintaining the status quo is just not acceptable.

I can assure you that both myself and my staff are working tirelessly to ensure that your child is safe at school and is receiving a high quality education, but we cannot continue to make cuts year on year, from such a low starting point, without there being an impact.

All pupils have the right to adequate levels of funding and support so that their dreams and aspirations can be fulfilled. All schools are judged by the same Ofsted criteria, regardless of funding arrangements.  It is vital to our country’s future wellbeing and prosperity that every child is given a proper opportunity to succeed.  Please help us in our reasonable request for a better deal for WS children.

Yours sincerely

Catriona Goldsmith

Headteacher and on behalf of all schools in West Sussex



Winter Wonderland Day

20th December 2017














Today we have had a fun day creating snow with our snow machine.  The children were all very excited playing with the snowflakes.




Giraffe and Wolf Class visit to Worthing Museum

14th December 2017

On Tuesday 5th December, Giraffe and Wolf class went to Worthing Museum to explore stone age artifacts. We got to dig for buried objects, explored actual flint objects found nearby and made our own clay pots and necklaces. It was a fascinating day and the children had great fun. They learnt lots.

Seahorse Class News

11th December 2017

While out in the community Seahorses learnt about cause and effect through the pedestrian crossing buttons we discovered on our journey.  Pupils reached out to locate the button and then activated button with a good push!


Christmas Tree donation from RB Commercial Heating

7th December 2017

Today we have decorated our Christmas tree which is on display in the corridor for all the children to see.  There was much excitement from the children and staff when they saw all the decorations and lights with many singing Christmas songs when they passed.  We would like to thank RB Commercial Heating for donating the Christmas Tree to the children.

Flamingo Class Trip to Brio’s

4th December 2017

Flamingo class enjoyed a fantastic trip to Brio’s last week! The children had an opportunity to watch demonstrations of the chefs making pizzas and had a sensory session, playing with the dough and exploring the toppings. They were able to try a range of different foods including olives, breadsticks and pepperoni before watching their pizzas being made and put in the special pizza oven. All the children tried their pizzas and took any remaining home in their own pizza boxes. They all enjoyed ice cream or sorbet for dessert!! Lorraine, the owner of Brio’s would like to invite any child from Palatine along to Brio’s with their family as they are happy to accommodate all addition needs!


Albion Cup Tournament

4th December 2017

Palatine football team played in the Albion Cup Tournament at the Triangle Centre, Burgess Hill.  The team played amazingly well in all of their games and made it through to the semi finals against many other School teams.  They were only just beaten in the last minute of the match, missing the final.

All of the players worked so well as a team and the energy they put in to every game was incredible.  We are very proud of all of them for their amazing  efforts and football skills.

Paraplay Day at Chichester University

4th December 2017

On Wednesday 29th November hedgehog class attended a Paraplay Day at Chichester University.  The children experienced a variety of different sports run by Chichester University students.  All of the children joined in the wide range of activities available and thoroughly enjoyed trying out new sports! Well done Hedgehog class!


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