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Sports Relief

18th March 2016


Seahorse class took part in a ‘Sponsored Splash’ for Sports Relief.  The children used their arms and legs to splash as much as they could in their swimming session.  The rest of the class were taking part in a sponsored ‘Step’ and a sponsored ‘Stretch’ in class and in the playground.

Other classes in the school took part in a mini mile and assault course in the hall to raise as much money for Sports Relief as possible.

Please remember to send your sponsor forms to school.

A big thank you to the students of Oakgrove College for helping with the events.


Parrots Class – World Book Day

7th March 2016


Parrot class had a fantastic trip to the library for World Book Day. We listened to different stories and joined in rhymes and songs. We also got to explore the library and count how many computers we could see. Back at school we had a Reading Buddies session with Lemur class where we listened to and acted out the story of Handa’s surprise.

Rainbow Fish

1st March 2016

William is working on his cognitive target to use his body to act on the environment :  Here he is loving drumming in the new sensory play area!!


Leopard Class Visit Drusillas

1st March 2016

Class Selfies with the Elephant

Class Selfie with the Elephant

Leopard class had a lovely trip to Drusillas this week. We got to meet a snake, cockroach, bearded dragon and fat tailed gerbils!  All the children were really gentle and careful when handling the animals.  We went around and saw lots of other things, especially liking the monkeys and the penguins.

At the end of the day we all had a ride on the Thomas train!

Good day all round!

A Week in Seahorses

1st March 2016

Mashrafi smelling herbs

Mashrafi smelling herbs

This week in Seahorse class we have been getting back into our classroom routines after the holidays. We had a birthday party on Tuesday afternoon for Sara who came in to her “Surprise”. We are continuing to focus on our Creation Story and the staff were keen to see if the children had remembered their favorite parts. On each day God created different things and we have different objects, sounds, and smells to explore depending on what God created. So on day 1 he created day and night, on day 2 he created the land and the sea. The children loved it and they did remember their favorite parts of the story and Mashrafi remembered to count down to turning the lights off to make the classroom dark.

Busy week in Lemur Class

5th February 2016


We have had another busy week in Lemurs. We have planted seeds to see what they need to enable them to grow, explored new techniques in art, celebrated Chinese New Years and to top it all off we have learnt to fence. Be careful of Lemurs class now, we are armed with knowledge and swords!

A week with Leopard Class

5th February 2016


Leopard class have been having a lovely week! We have been finding out about life under the sea and looking at different fish. We dissected fish and looked at what was inside a fish, it was very smelly but the children were very engaged and interested!

We all went swimming and the children are growing in confidence. Blossom went on her back and Elly had a go at swimming with a float!

Lemur Class – Finding Odd and Even Numbers

3rd February 2016


Lemur class have been learning about Odd and Even numbers.  Brandon found odd and even numbers by sharing out the number in 2’s. If it had one left over it was odd. If it shared and none were left it was even.

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