18th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers


I can’t promise to write to you every day but I know that it helps to have as much information as possible in these circumstances.

To keep you updated, the situation at Palatine is similar to yesterday; we now have a number or children not in school and also a considerable number of staff who because of their own health or family situations are either self-isolating or needing to follow the social distancing guidelines.

The staff that are able to come into work are ensuring that the children still enjoy their learning and I have seen some beautiful writing, heard some super reading and seen some great archery going on today. We are continuing with our daily cleaning. Staff continue to produce home learning guidance for you. This will start to be available over the next few days and will either accessible on the school website or will be sent depending on what it is. We will contact you again once everything is place with full details. In addition we are working with therapists to try and get some equipment home to our children who need it for their physical health and wellbeing.  You will also note I have requested to hear from those of you with key worker roles as part of the planning processes requested by the authorities. Please rest assured at this point we are running as near to usual for those who are well but we must prepare for all eventualities over the coming weeks.

Thank you for your ongoing support in this challenging situation. The staff are doing a fantastic job of keeping things ‘normal’.  I so appreciate the calmness and positivity with which our whole school community is facing the current challenges.

Having just written this, I am aware the Prime Minister is making an announcement in regards to the situation in schools later today and we will of course follow all guidance and keep you informed.

Please do contact me if you require more information.

Kindest regards

Catriona Goldsmith


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