25th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers 

I am so glad that you have been enjoying the social media feeds that we are starting to share. We will be adding to these as the weeks progress.  We will also continue to add to the suggested work and activities overtime which we do hope you are finding helpful. Please do look at our Facebook page too as people are sharing ideas.

Today we have also put together a communication plan which means that moving forward you will receive a weekly email from your class teacher (health permitting) and a regular phone call from our nurture lead or a member of the senior team. You will get one of each prior to Easter. We do hope these will help you to feel part of the school community despite not physically being here and that this will provide you with more bespoke support than a collective letter from the head!

Free School Meals (FSM) / scam email

We have also been made aware by WSCC of scam emails that are being sent to parents and schools about the FSM voucher scheme in search of financial gain. Any voucher scheme launched by the Government will be communicated to you by the County Council when it has been made available.

Thank you again for all your warm wishes and support. This really helps the team at school and is very much appreciated.

Very best wishes

Kindest regards

Catriona Goldsmith


Our website is currently undergoing its annual update due for completion September 16th

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