Dear Parents and Carers,

I do hope that the Easter holidays so far have gone successfully.

Practical information

For the week commencing Tuesday14th April teaching staff who will be available are:

·         Janetta Gill

·         Emma Crockett

·         Katie Purkis

·         Charlotte Howting (Tuesday, Wednesday)

·         Alice Luxford

·         Sarah Tanesha

·         Renisha Smiths

Other members of staff will be in school too. Should you need anything further please do call the school office.

FSM delivery

As per last week FSM lunch food will be delivered to your doorsteps. It will be delivered on Tuesday 14th April. Please do make sure you are in to collect as we cannot staff delivery times / multiple runs.

Easter Activities

We do hope you are enjoying all the Easter videos and content we have been able to share on our social media platforms. Please note that not all staff will necessarily feature in videos as there are lots of jobs to be done in school and it is all hands on deck! For example, staff are working with those children in school, contacting families, creating work packs, doing extra cleaning, delivering food and resources as well as creating media content. After the holidays teachers will be able to contact you via ‘Teams’ as well so even if they do not appear on social media feed, your children will be able to see them via our video conferencing solution.

Well being

We’re going to start wellbeing weekends on our Facebook and Instagram page this weekend to give the adults in our community an opportunity to think about how we can stay mentally well during lockdown. At the moment this content is only on our social media feeds. If you are not able to access these and would like any more information please email Sophie at

If there is anything worrying you or you need any help at all please do contact us at school and we will do our very best to help.  Thank you for your continued good wishes and support. Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter weekend!

Very best wishes




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