25th September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

After three weeks of term it has been fantastic to see how happy and settled the children are in school. They are really enjoying their learning and doing incredibly well at managing all the routines of school. This week I have been shown some wonderful writing and mark making, a model of a Ferris wheel where all the different shapes included were described to me (including a hexagon)! I have seen some kind and helpful behaviour on many occasions. I have also watched children doing things independently for themselves when they have needed more support before. This week one young man told me he was going to be a teacher when he was older and I heard about a former pupil who is now starting university! It really is fantastic to spend time with our wonderful community of children who are doing so well and to be part of their learning journey.

A reminder

As I said last week, thank you so much for supporting us with staggered arrivals and departures. I have included a reminder of the timings below. I know this is not easy and doesn’t always fit with other parts of your lives.  It is really important that the whole community tries to keep to the times below as you will be aware that some of our pupils find queuing and waiting difficult. Staff need to help children come into school at a number of different times and two different entrances per class and it works much more smoothly when we keep to the allocated times. Thank you!

Arrival – Parent Pool door:

8.50 Penguin, Hedgehog, Jellyfish 

9.00 Flamingo and Bluebird

9.10 Seahorse, Caterpillar and Bumblebee

9.20 Any personalised arrivals

Departure – Parent Pool door:

2.20 Any personalised departures

2.30 Seahorse, Bumblebee and Caterpillar

2.40 Flamingo and Bluebird

2.50 Jellyfish, Hedgehog and Penguin


Arrival – Parent Side Gate:

8.50 Squirrel and Wolves 

9.00 Elephant and Giraffe

9.10 Starfish, Dolphin and Rainbow Fish

Departure – Parent Side Gate:

2.30 Dolphin, Starfish and Rainbow Fish

2.40 Squirrel and Wolves

2.50 Elephant and Giraffe


Covid-19 information

We have been asked to publish a letter from the national government in regards to Covid-19 which you can find on our website.

The following weeks and months will, no doubt, be challenging for many of us as we move towards winter and a greater range of restrictions. Throughout this ongoing situation the Palatine community has supported one another and followed procedures and I ask that we continue to do this in order to keep the community as safe and as well as we can. Our website contains well-being information and videos and information to support you in understanding what you need to do in relation to Covid and we hope that this helps.

If you need any further help at all do please contact school and we will try our best to support you.

Thank you again for your vigilance, your understanding that we must all play our part in this and for your continued warmth and positivity.

Have a lovely weekend.

Very best wishes

Have a lovely weekend.




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