19th October 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had another fantastic week in school. The children are doing some wonderful learning. Four children from across the school who were afraid to get into the pool have all made it in this week! Children have asked me how I am, held the door for me, said ‘hello’ and given good eye contact with no prompting. Others are independently walking to class in the morning. A pupil told me about an ‘artefact’ he had brought in for ‘show and tell’, another did some great mathematical learning with Numicon and another is walking so well with the aid of her walker.  I have seen some great posters for our competition to design a poster to remind us all to wash our hands and heard some fantastic reading. Well done to them all!

Some reminders:


Virtual Coffee Morning: Monday 19th October 2020

Please check your emails for details of the passcode and how to join. We are looking forward to seeing you.


Arrival and departure

 It is really important that the whole community tries to keep to the times below as you will be aware that some of our pupils find queuing and waiting difficult. We do need to continue to arrive as near as possible to our times in order to ensure all of the children have as safe an entry into school as possible. Thank you for your continued support with this.


Arrival – Parent Pool door:

8.50 Penguin, Hedgehog, Jellyfish 

9.00 Flamingo and Bluebird

9.10 Seahorse, Caterpillar and Bumblebee

9.20 Any personalised arrivals

Departure – Parent Pool door:

2.20 Any personalised departures

2.30 Seahorse, Bumblebee and Caterpillar

2.40 Flamingo and Bluebird

2.50 Jellyfish, Hedgehog and Penguin


Arrival – Parent Side Gate:

8.50 Squirrel and Wolves 

9.00 Elephant and Giraffe

9.10 Starfish, Dolphin and Rainbow Fish

Departure – Parent Side Gate:

2.30 Dolphin, Starfish and Rainbow Fish

2.40 Squirrel and Wolves

2.50 Elephant and Giraffe


Please do remember to look at the website to support you with any Covid related queries and do contact us if we can help with anything. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Have a lovely weekend.

Very best wishes




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