13th November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are one week into the national lockdown and I hope all of you and your families are well. The children are continuing to cope extremely well and are enjoying their learning and experiences with their usual enthusiasm. I have been touched by the kindness and compassion they have shown to each other his week as well as enjoying seeing their work. It is lovely to see the progress they are making in many areas: independence, communication, reading, writing, playing with their friends, turn taking, waiting and so on!

 As you will be aware we have made adjustments to the timetable to try and reduce contacts in the current situation. Our intention is to keep everyone safe and keep school open. This means that we have had to assign some facilities and our PPA staff to different bubbles. This decision has been made to support social distancing during this lockdown, however it does not mean we can eliminate all contact between bubbles. For example, if a situation occurs and a class needs to use some outside space to ensure safety and another class is already there, that is ok. Staff are skilled at assessing risk and will always strive to make the safest decisions. Our organisation of school is to reduce contact and risk as far as is possible and I take this opportunity to thank the staffing team who have worked tirelessly throughout this situation to keep the children safe and to enable them to learn in a happy, warm and engaging environment. I know that their efforts pay off because of the work that I see and because of the conversations I have with the children.

Our inset training today included safeguarding, intensive interaction, Lego therapy, further signing training and mental health awareness all of which enables the staff team to work so effectively with the children. We managed to cover this using zoom and I thank our trainers for using this platform so well so we could ensure we maintain our high standards at Palatine.

Email address if your child has a confirmed case of Covid 19.

If your child has a confirmed positive Covid 19 test could you please email covid19@palatineschool.org to notify the school during out of schools hours (weekends, evenings, school holidays).  This will enable the school to notify parents/carers of any classes that would need to self-isolate, giving as much notice as possible.

Help is available!

Our family liaison officer, Kaarina Dougherty, has put together some information on Games and Consoles at Christmas to help you with your planning over the coming weeks. Please find this attached. Please also find her survey about virtual coffee mornings. Please do complete and return so that we can tailor these mornings to what you would like information about.


Thank you for your ongoing support and positivity. Have a lovely weekend.

With very best wishes





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