3rd January 2021

I apologise for interrupting your weekend by writing again! I felt it was important to contact you because many of you will have seen the news and be anxious about what this means for us at Palatine over the coming weeks.

As you know, the welfare and wellbeing of our children, you and the safety of the staff at school always comes first and is a responsibility we take very seriously. I am so proud of the work we have done thus far to keep everyone safe and to keep school open and functioning as normally as possible.

Since yesterday, there appears to be increasing pressure on the Government by Local Authorities and the Teaching Unions and Unison (which many of our non-teaching staff belong to) to recognise the difficult position schools find themselves in. I am concerned that we may have insufficient staff to run individual classes. I am also concerned that we may be guided to delay the start of term. I know this would be very tough for all our families so I felt it best to warn you that I am concerned. However, I also want to assure you that I will do everything in my power to keep school safe and open and ultimately act within our key value that ‘our children are the heart of everything.’

Tomorrow I will have a clearer idea of staffing levels and hopefully there will be a clear steer from either the government or the local authority to guide actions. In the absence of that however, I will need to ensure I have safe staffing levels so ask that you all check your emails and texts in order that you have the most up to date information about school opening specifically as it relates to your child. We will continue with telephone calls tomorrow as planned and explained in previous letters.

Thank you so much for your support and kindness and good will in dealing with all of this. I assure you that it really helps to feel we are a team! I do hope you are finding it helpful for me to keep you up to date with the situation as it changes.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend




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