5th January 2021

 As you will be aware we are now back in a national lockdown and schools are closed except to the children of critical workers and vulnerable children. The difficulty is that all special schools are for vulnerable children yet we could not safely open for all pupils whilst following the guidance and with the staffing levels currently available.

Once again I am concerned that the specific guidance for us will come too late in the day for me to plan sensibly for tomorrow. I wanted to give you advance notice that we might need to have a temporary plan for this week followed by a plan that will last through the lockdown.

We will notify you later in the day once we have worked it all through.

In the interim you will receive an email from google forms with a survey link. Please follow the link and complete the online survey.  I wish we could phone you all again today but time is short so if you would be kind enough to confirm your critical worker status and intentions now we are in national lockdown (if they are different to that discussed with your child’s teacher yesterday) on the form that would really helpful.

On a personal note thank you so much for your support. Yesterday was the lowest point for me personally in this situation and your support and goodwill has restored my energy! Thank you!

Very best wishes


Our website is currently undergoing its annual update due for completion September 16th

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