5th January 2021


Thank you for engaging with our survey. We have worked together to collate this information and make it into a workable plan moving forward which will keep everyone safe. As yet no more specific guidance for special schools has been released and therefore in consultation with the local authority and in line with all special schools within West Sussex we have prioritised the children of critical workers and those within our community who are most vulnerable. We have significantly more families whose parents fall within the critical worker category now and this means that not all children whose parents requested a place will be able to attend school as we do not have the staffing capacity to do this safely. We will be running the school on a two week rota for some pupils.

Today you will get a brief text explaining if you have place across both weeks, this week, next week (and moving forward in that pattern) or if we are unable to offer a place at this time. Please note we may have to make some alterations because we do not have all information we need as yet but we felt it important to give you something to plan from too. Over the next couple of days we will finalise our plans and send you a more detailed letter once we have a full picture of staffing levels, for example.  I do hope this helps!

Thank you again for working with us! I know this is hugely frustrating and I wish I could have offered all who asked for a place some time in school. We will review our plans very regularly throughout as the situation changes and in line with any new guidance we receive.

Very best wishes, I really appreciate all your support and kindness!


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