8th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you so much for your patience, forbearance and for working with us this week!

By now you should all have received a personal letter explaining whether or not we have been able to provide a place in school and whether this on a full time or part time basis. Thank you for being so supportive with this, particularly those of you whose children we have not been able to allocate some time in school.

Over the next two weeks, if your son or daughter is learning at home, a member of the senior team (either myself or one of the Acting Assistant Head teachers, Frances Hodges, Charlotte Howting or Sophie Milner-Smith) will be ringing you to touch base about how things are going, talk through their EHCP, how you are getting on with home learning and what help and support you may need. We want to ensure you feel supported and that we are working with you and feel a conversation will be the best way of achieving this. Our Family Liaison Officer, Kaarina Dougherty and Learning Mentor, Steph Marett will be phoning all families where children are at home on a weekly basis and class teachers will be emailing or phoning too, with a more specific learning focus.

At this stage we will only be phoning those who have not been offered any time in school as you will understand the pressures on our time. However, for those of you whose children are accessing time in school, contact will be as usual through class teachers. To all parents our aim is to work in partnership with you, as always. So please do feel free to contact school if you need help with anything.

Throughout this lockdown I will continue to keep in touch with you weekly too.

Home learning


We aim to provide a variety of content here, as in the 1st Lockdown, to support the children in feeling connected to school. We do hope you find all of this useful. If you have a question or concern re the home learnng provided please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance as they will be best placed to help you with this.

On the website this week you will also find new social stories to help you explain the current circumstances as they relate to your child.

Next week you will receive a document called ‘home learning for lockdown 3’ which will detail all that will be available and how this will work. It will also provide you with the rationale behind our approach, which we believe will support the children best in their learning.

As previously, please do not feel anxious if your child won’t engage. We appreciate that some of our children make clear distinctions about what they do in specific places. In this instance, again, please contact the class teacher who will talk to you about disguising learning in everyday home routines and play. Your number one priority is, of course, to keep your family safe and ensure the children are as happy as they can be and we completely understand that this means you may not be able to do what is provided. Please do not worry, the resources and activities are there to support not add to your burdens. Feel free to contact your class teacher to discuss this and they will be more than happy to help.

Safeguarding Spotlight

We have also emailed some information about online safety which we hope will support you when accessing online content with the children.

Once again thank you for your words and messages of support and encouragement. We appreciate them more than you can know and it means a lot to us. Thank you.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend despite everything.




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