Dear Parents and Carers,

I do hope that you have had a good week.

This week the children have taken part in a number of seasonal learning opportunities that have enabled them to understand the diversity of culture within Britain. Lots of work has been undertaken around Remembrance Day some through art and creativity, making wreaths, poppies and spitfires, and others in developing understanding of the meaning and significance of the day.  In one class pupils undertook a two minutes silence (remaining silent for almost the whole time – wow!) and one pupil recognised the Queen and said ‘that’s where they put the poppies’ when she saw the Cenotaph. A number of classes have enjoyed learning about Diwali, joining in celebratory dances, wearing saris and enjoying musical activities and bright coloured fabrics. Some children have taken some independent steps and others have made strides in their communication through using their voices, signing more, giving eye contact and in using symbols. There have also been some lovely acts of kindness; one pupil helping the teacher to hand out resources and another helping a friend to put their socks on. Other pupils have made progress in their social and independence skills, using the toilet more frequently than before and seeking out others to play with on the playground. One pupil has drawn a circle for the first time and lots of progressed in mark making and another has made progress in their number work. I hope you enjoy all these wonderful examples of the variety of learning that has taken place this week.

Today at our training day the teachers have completed training in our new phonics approach ‘Song of Sounds’ which you will hear more about through the course of the year.  Teaching assistants have undertaken a variety of training: first aid, manual handling, sensory processing (refresher training) and Lego therapy.  These will all have an impact of the work we do with the children in terms of keeping them safe and the quality of learning provision taking place in school.

Outbreak Management Plan: important update

You will be aware that we have experienced an increasing number of Covid cases this week and, therefore, included in this mailing is a video message that explains the precautions we are taking moving ahead which have been discussed with Public Health England.

The key messages are:

If your child is displaying COVID symptoms they need to self-isolate at home and have a PCR test. They must not come to school. If they develop symptoms in school they will need to be collected and you need to have plans in place to ensure you can do this. We appreciate that the symptoms of Covid can be the same as seasonal coughs and asthma, however, the rules are that any child displaying Covid symptoms must go home. I know this can be challenging and frustrating. I ask that you act with community spirit, respect and kindness to all the other families and staff at school by working with us on this. In doing this we can keep school running as near to normal as possible, ensuring that the least number of pupils have their learning and routines disrupted and keeping everyone safe and as well as possible, Thank you for you co-operation.

In school we continue with:

  • Increased cleaning
  • Staff twice weekly lateral flow testing
  • Staff wearing face masks in communal areas
  • Handwashing and “catch it bin it” procedures in place
  • No big groups meeting or joint class working inside
  • All visitors will be asked to show a negative LFT on arrival

In addition if there are two or more confirmed cases in one class:

  • That class will become a “bubble” and will eat in class and have a separate playtime;
  • The class that is bubbled will not access the full range of school facilities;
  • The class that is bubbled will have a separate arrival and departure time and different transport arrangements which will be discussed with parents.
  • Social distancing measures will be reinstated in staff areas as required.
  • Pupils who have packed lunches will eat in their classrooms whenever possible.

The world is consumed by social media. There are over 2.8 billion people around the world with a Facebook account, sharing 3.3 million posts every minute. In that same minute, 450,000 tweets are being posted and 66,000 pictures are being uploaded to Instagram. Almost all large companies, charities, celebrities and politicians use social media to engage with their communities. Schools are no different. Social media offers a mix of useful information, reminders, school events and it is also a great way to celebrate successes and fun activities.

With access to and use of social media being so common these days almost second nature to many of us, we all need to ensure that we do not put ourselves at risk when posting things online.  Comments made online are not safe and secure and should never be considered as such.  We all want to set the best example for our children, so please do think carefully before typing/posting on social media.

From time to time, you may have concerns, worries or frustrations about a matter in school and when such circumstances occur, we want to know about it and look into the situation in order to resolve things as speedily as possible. Please speak to your child’s class teacher or email them asking they give you a call rather than expressing your concerns online.  You can also speak to our Family Liaison Officer or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Posting a concern on social media will not resolve the matter and sometimes posts can cause unnecessary worry for other parents/carers.

In ensuring that staff and children are protected at all times, please refrain from posting negative comments, using inappropriate language and not naming or tagging other children in posts.  We are all working in partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes for our children and we all want to be strong role models for them.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

With very best wishes,



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