Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you have had a good week. I would again like to start by thanking all parents and carers where school has been disrupted in the last week due to continued new Covid cases and staff shortages. Your support, help and positivity has been much appreciated.  Thank you!

This week, those children who have been able to, have been contributing to our Christmas nativity which we are all looking forward to seeing next week. Whilst it is disappointing that we all won’t be able to be together and not everyone has been able to be involved, because of the circumstances we are in, I do hope this will bring you some festive cheer next week.

Meanwhile much learning has continued across the curriculum and lots of it through the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’.  For example, one pupil did some great counting in the 5 little gingerbread song, another was able to correctly order the words of the gingerbread man refrain and another wrote a story map for the gingerbread man, spending 40 mins sitting and writing. They wrote in lower case letters too. Fantastic! Of course a number of pupils made some lovely gingerbread biscuits to go with the story. Another pupil did some great letter formation work independently and for the first time ever wanted to share his work and get some positive recognition and praise for what he had achieved. Some pupils are getting off the buses more independently and yesterday there was an especially lovely moment when a new friendship formed walking into school. A number of pupils are really progressing with their communication and one pupil who has never spoken to me before has talked to me every day for the last few days saying hello really clearly. One young man who can feel really unconfident about talking has talked clearly and in full sentences with less familiar adults. This is tremendous progress!

Safeguarding Information over the Christmas break

Additional help and support

There are a wide range of national organisations who are available throughout the Christmas and New Year period, providing free support on a variety of issues including domestic abuse, mental health, online safety, support for families with newborns and general wellbeing. Please refer to the attached information sheet from the NHS.

Raise a concern about a child – West Sussex County Council

1 Raise a concern If you think a child is in immediate danger, call the police on 999. Most people find the best way to tell us about a less immediate concern is to complete our online form.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice and information – West Sussex County Council

Where to find up-to-date information. Information relating to coronavirus is regularly changing, so we will update this section with the latest guidance as soon as we can.

Please do stay vigilant and please do not send your children into school if they are at all unwell. Sickness, diarrhoea, runny noses, dizziness, headaches and seeming “a bit under the weather and not themselves” have all been symptoms children who have tested positive have experienced. This week a couple of children who have simply been lethargic have tested positive too. So please do look out for these as well as the cough, temperature and loss of taste and smell that are the listed symptoms. Do not send your children into school if they are suffering from any of these, where possible take them for a PCR test, keep in touch with us and let them recover.

Next week there will be a newsletter instead of my weekly letter which I hope you enjoy. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

With very best wishes,


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