28th January 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

Great Learning

This week the children have had a really successful and positive week in school. There have been some fantastic developments in communication and one of our pupils has started speaking in full sentences for the first time (and with a variety of people). Another invited me to join in with a ‘dough disco’ session and was rather insistent that I stayed! Another pupil gave lots of eye contact in a conversation and when I asked if she was going to chat to her bus driver she turned her head to look at him. Another of our older pupils told me he was learning about the continent of America and then told me which countries were in North America. Some other pupils, learning through the same topic, told me the difference between physical and human features of the landscape explaining that physical features ‘have been there forever!’ Other pupils have started saying more words and others have increased their vocalisations.

In mathematical learning some pupils have been working on creating tally sheets and have been working on their communication skills at the same time by finding out everyone’s favourite cheesecake flavour. It won’t surprise you to know that chocolate was much more popular than raspberry! Another pupil was able to make large two digit numbers using Numicon and another counted out 7 oranges for her friends. In scientific learning one pupil told her teacher she could “taste with her mouth, smell with her nose and hear with her ears” and another used all his senses to explore.

In writing, one pupil started using his sounds to write whilst an older pupil created her own comic book using MS Word, online images and a snipping tool. One pupil formed a number of letters correctly. There has been some enjoyable phonics learning too and many classes have had very positive phonics sessions this week with lots of focus and some beautiful singing in tune to the phonics song. Three pupils worked together to sound out and write the word ‘caterpillar’ using their sound mats as support.

Some of our younger pupils have made fantastic progress; one pupil putting his book in his bag and his coat on his peg for the first time. Another has started requesting new things and exploring a greater range of toys.  Another has been accessing the independent learning activities independently and engaging well in a growing range of activities.  One child took turns and shared with his friends.

In the pool a number of pupils have swum through a wobbly noodle ‘tunnel,’ others have swum through underwater hoops and retrieved items from the bottom of the pool. A number have developed their technique: floating, kicking to splash and move across the water, and ‘sculling’ (floating on their backs and using their hands to move them across the surface). We have also had some great team development through playing games such as the ‘Hokey Cokey’ in the pool and some synchronised glides and steps. There has been some terrific progress in pupils’ physical development; one pupil activating a switch with her foot and another doing some great sit to stand work in the pool. In Forest School one pupil was keen to try some new food, ‘eggy bread,’ which he usually finds quite hard to do. He gave it the thumbs up and ate it all!

Lastly, but by no means least we have had some wonderful developments in social skills. Remaining in Forest School, one pupil made an amazing tent hospital where he provided care for his patients, using great team work and leadership. Another classmate built a superb hospital kitchen and provided meals for the other pupil’s patients. A younger pupil has been really kind to all his friends this week, holding their hands to join in games and telling an adult when he thinks his friends are sad. Another pupil has been helpful in handing out everyone’s coats, lunch boxes and water bottles. In probably my favourite learning stories of the week one pupil asked an adult if they were cold and when they said yes gave them a hug, whilst some of our pupils went on a trip to the park and a member of the public contacted school to say how kind and friendly the pupils were in letting her child play with them. What great ambassadors they were for our community!

In order to help everyone in our community to sign better our SALT team provide us in school with a sign of the week. This week’s sign is lunch.

Car Park Etiquette

Please can I remind all parents and carers who use the car park to park respecting other car park users? Blocking others in by your parking can cause unnecessary stress when other car park users may have appointments in other places or a child to pick up from another school, for example. Thank you.

Vaccination Bus

As you may have seen in the Worthing Herald, there is a Vaccination Bus sited in the Lyndhurst Rd Car Park, opposite Worthing Hospital, every day between 11am and 4pm until 3rd February. No appointments are necessary and anyone aged 16 and over can get their 1st, 2nd or Booster vaccinations. Fully trained medical staff on hand to answer any concerns regarding vaccination.

Yesterday I sent out a letter outlining the current covid situation in school. Our numbers are still rising and now we have one class shut on Monday and another on a rota. We will do everything we can to keep classes fully open but if we cannot safely staff a class we may have to shut or move to a rota at very short notice. Please plan ahead as to how you may manage this should it become necessary in your child’s class.

You can help by keeping your children home if they are poorly and doing regular LFT tests with them or on their behalf. I really appreciate the help many of you are giving us by doing this and for your kind words when we have needed to contact you. The parents in the impacted classes have been so supportive and concerned about staff’s health and wellbeing and we really appreciate it. Thank you

Healthy eating: Food Scanner App  (Public Health England)

We all know that eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health and helps us feel our best. The NHS free Food Scanner app is an easy way for children and families to find out which foods and drinks are healthier than others by bringing food labels to life and helping us make healthier choices. By simply scanning and swiping barcodes, the app shows how much sugar, saturated fat and salt is in everyday foods and drinks and then gives suggestions for healthier alternatives and swaps.

Did you know that the maximum daily amounts of sugar, saturated fat and salt for 4 to 6 year olds is:

The app is part of a healthy eating campaign and the ‘scan, swipe, swap’ take-home pack has plenty of resources to help encourage children to build healthier habits for life.

Click here to find out how to download the app and access other resources

Please note, children do not have to enter any personal details to use the app and the app will not ask parents or carers to spend any money or advertise anything to them

Find more information and resources here: https://campaignresources.phe.gov.uk/schools/topics/healthy-eating/overview

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

With very best wishes,


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