About our School

About Us

Palatine Primary School is a community special school in West Sussex which caters for pupils with moderate, severe of profound learning needs many of whom have associated sensory, motor and communication difficulties including Autistic Spectrum Conditions.

We have 129 pupils on role aged 4-11 who are taught in groups most appropriate to their individual learning and social needs.

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Our Values

At Palatine School we recognise that our shared values underpin everything that we do. They enable us to create a positive, nurturing, warm and purposeful ethos in which everyone is committed to learning and working hard. We promote equality of constructively challenging barriers to inclusion in our school.  We are striving to be an exceptional and inspirational learning community.  

At Palatine School everyone is:
  • Safe
  • Included
  • Valued and respected
  • Enabled and empowered
At Palatine school:
  • We trust and are trusted
  • We respect and are respected
  • We inspire and are inspired
  • We appreciate and are appreciated
  • We encourage and are encouraged
  • We empathise and are understood
In our community adults model and children learn how to:
  • Have integrity and act with honesty
  • Demonstrate respect for others in our actions
  • Listen and to understand
  • Persevere and to have courage
  • Take pride and responsibility
  • Work together, collectively, enjoying learning with others
We embody our values by ensuring:
  • Our school is a safe and nurturing community where children’s safety and happiness is paramount
  • Our school provides a highly personalised and individualised programme for each child
  • Our school is a school where no child is disadvantaged

Our Vision

At Palatine we put no ceilings on what our children can learn

We believe it is our moral duty to enable our pupils to learn as much as they can, progress as far as they can and achieve as much as they can in order to be confident, competent, compassionate and contributing members of our community

There are no labels!

This will happen because of the expert, child centred learning that we provide. Our highly professional staff are passionate that we deliver the highest quality learning because we are principled, value led, intelligent and work in partnership with pupils, parents and our community to enable our children to be happy and safe.

We expect and accept feedback about our impact on pupils learning and this enables us to constantly improve. We believe we are expert teachers and our pupils are expert learners.

We accept no excuses and we all aim to be the best that we can be!


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