Bluebird class teacher is Emily Dyer. Followed by four support assistants Siobhan, Bradley, Chelsea and Amelia.

We are a class of 11 pupils who access a range of stimulating and fun activities throughout the school. We love to explore sensory play, we like to read stories and explore the outside world during our trips within the community. The classroom is set up as an independent learning environment linked to the current topic where the children can access activities of the choice throughout the morning and the afternoon. The children are able to carry out their learning and enjoy a range of interventions such as Attention Autism, Dough disco, Zones of regulation and swimming.

This term we have been learning about Fire and Ice. We have enjoyed a range of stories and have explored the habitats of hot and cold countries and made comparisons to how we live. We have met real life firefighters who came to school and allowed us to explore a real life fire engine for our stunning start. We have tried lots of different foods and have been taking part in choosing role play areas in support of our text ‘Handa’s surprise’. We went to the local fruit shop to find the fruits for Hands. We made a smoothie and predicted what we thought it would taste like. This term we are learning about ‘The great explorer’. We have been looking at ice and how we could travel to the North Pole. We have particularly enjoyed undergoing some science experiments where we have been working together to add different ingredients together and observing the result.

Bluebird Class definitely have lots of fun, laughter and learning!


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