Curriculum Statement

At Palatine Primary we believe that our children learn best when;

Learning activities are well planned and individualised to pupils’ level of need and ability informed by regular, accurate assessment that guides teaching and enables pupils to be challenged, stimulated and motivated in their learning.

Teaching and learning is delivered by staff who are enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable and create a learning culture where mistakes and success are celebrated equally as part of pupils learning experiences.

There is a learning environment where there is a culture of mutual respect between all members of the school community who feel valued as individuals and happy and safe.

Pupils’ learning is promoted through of their school day and all aspects of their development are valued i.e. social, emotional, cognitive, personal and learning behaviours.

Regular communication between all members of the school community (i.e. parents/ carers/ support staff and multi professionals) lead to effective, individualised learning plans and constructive feedback conversations for pupils that enable best practice to continually be evaluated and adapted as necessary.

As part of delivering teaching and learning for our pupils, which is influenced by our key principles, we follow a varied and individualised curriculum within three teaching and learning hubs (Primary, Junior and Unique). We identify that pupils learn at different rates and in different ways and their learning journey is developmental regardless of their age. Our topics for learning are planned in our three learning phases.




Explorers: Starting out on our learning journeys and beginning to explore the world around me



Investigators: Finding our more about the world around me through investigation




Engineers: Building on my knowledge to develop my awareness of big concepts in the world around me



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