Dolphin’s is a class which has 9 children and they are part of the Unique Hub. Their teacher is Sarah Richardson and she is supported by 5 Teaching Assistants.

Pupils in Dolphin Class follow either the ImPACTS curriculum or the progress 10 curriculum. The IMPACTS curriculum consisting of a set of 10 targets, covering the areas of: Communication, Cognition, Environmental Control Technology (ECT), Personal, Social and Emotional Well-Being (PSEWB) and Physical (fine and gross motor). The progress 10 curriculum uses parts of the IMPACTS curriculum as well as parts of the block buster curriculum, which focuses more on cognition, and also has a 10 target approach.

Our classroom focuses on learning through sensory and messy play. We like to use concrete resources, be hands on and make learning as fun as possible!

We have been looking at the topic of fire and ice this term. Here are some of our favourite moments!


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