Elephant Class is made up of 14 children and 5 adults.

Alice Luxford is the teacher in Elephant Class. Alongside Alice, there is Charlotte, Kirsty, Kelly and Amanda. 

In Elephant class this year, we have four topics spread over the three terms: ‘Back to the Future’ ‘Adventurers and Explorers’ ‘Superheros’ and for the last half term of the summer, we will be taking part in a whole school topic that will be voted for by the children. 

 In Elephant class, the children work in ways that will keep them focused and engaged. The children can access a variety of independent learning opportunities throughout the day, using a variety of different resources and activities that are available around the classroom. However during more focused learning, for example reading, writing and maths, the activities for independent learning are put away and the children work in groups according to their levels and learning styles with an adult to support them if needed.

We promote a lot of independence in Elephant class to support and enhance the children’s life skills as they grow. 

 We love having fun in Elephant class. We take part in a variety of extra activities together that we all know and love, including the adults. The children particularly enjoy dancing! Throughout the week, the children will watch different dances on the clever touch and they try very hard to copy the dance moves. Other times, when we need some quiet time, the children enjoy relaxation. We lay down on the carpet and listen to our favourite relaxation songs ‘A Thousand Years’ and ‘Perfect’. 

 The Elephant Class team are really excited to see the children grow and progress throughout the year. ? 



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