Forest School

We offer on-site Forest School activities. Pupils develop a love and understanding of the outdoor environment, expand their confidence, self-esteem and social skills and learn new practical skills.

Aquatic Therapy Pool

Palatine Primary School is proud to offer our children access to an Aquatic Therapy Pool. It is an impressive environment which offers an alternative venue for curriculum delivery. The pool allows pupils to gain confidence and skills, which they may not have out of the water. It also enables freedom of movement and gives children the opportunity to develop their early swimming skills. All pupils are fully assessed before entering the water for safety purposes. We are able to offer the following programmes through our pool:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Early Years and Inclusive Learn to Swim Programmes (based on Swim England ‘ASA’)
  • Water Skills, Confidence and Safety (based on Swim England ‘ASA’- School Swimming and Water Safety Charter)

We are extremely excited to be working on a new project to develop the pool as a multisensory space, which will including new lighting and sound systems.

We are able to offer a hiring service and our facilities include the following: (Please contact office@palatineschool.org).

  • 3 X Separate changing areas with showers
  • Twin hoist system with adjustable changing beds
  • Physiotherapy equipment and Learn to Swim buoyancy aids and accessories
  • A fully maintained and monitored environment with safety equipment




Our library spaces create a cozy, calm, comfortable environment where children can enjoy a range of fiction and non-fiction books. These spaces are designed in a manner intended to inspire interest and enthusiasm for literature. We share books with children in a way that is appropriate for their stage of development, whether that be through guided reading lessons, sensory stories or 1:1 reading sessions. We encourage children to read all over the school, whether that be in the library, classrooms, or outdoor reading areas.

Outdoor Spaces

Our outdoor facilities include a pirate ship climbing frame, gardening opportunities, reading areas, swings, including one for wheelchair users, role play areas, water play and sand play areas. This all ensures that we are able to make the most of our site that children learn to be comfortable and familiar with being in different environments.

Soft Play

Soft play allows children to explore moving in different ways and provides a useful tool for regulation. It helps children to practice fundamental movement skills such as jumping, hopping and running. Staff understand how to get the most of the facility to support children in making progress in terms of their physical, as well as social and emotional, development.

Sensory, Immersive and Dark Rooms

These rooms allow children to engage with new environments and explore different kinds of textures, sounds and images. These rooms also support with regulation as they provide fantastic opportunities to meet children’s sensory needs. We also ensure that there are regular intervals within our wider environment where children can explore different senses.

Climbing Wall

Our climbing wall is a fantastic opportunity for our children to work on their motor skills and challenge themselves. The wall includes a range of options so that children at different stages of development can access it. Staff are trained on how to maximise the opportunities that the wall has to offer and ensure the children are able to access the facility safely.

Full List of Facilities

21 Classrooms
Hydropool (1.2m depth)
Sports Hall
Dining Hall
Climbing Wall
Immersive Room
Conference Room for Multi Professional Meetings
Learning Intervention Rooms
Dark Room
Sensory Room

Soft-play Room
Speech & Language Therapy Room
Play Therapy/Drawing & Talking Room
Rebound Therapy Area
Two playgrounds
Forest School
Outdoor Sand & Water play area
Sensory Playground
…and more!

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