Palatine Primary School is proud to offer our children access to a Hydrotherapy Pool.

It is an impressive, multi-sensory environment which offers an alternative venue for curriculum delivery. Providing an opportunity for pupils to gain physical confidence and skills, which they may not have out of the water, as well as providing a specifically designed therapeutic space.

In addition to allowing pupils the opportunity to explore and develop confidence in the water, the pool enables freedom of movement, balance, weight bearing and co-ordination in addition to developing early swimming skills.

Having a dedicated, full time swimming coach and lifeguard allows us to offer a broad range of experiences for our children in a safe and structured environment. Focussing on the following programmes we can encompass all classes across the school:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Sensory requirements
  • Early Years and Inclusive Learn to Swim Programmes (based on Swim England ‘ASA’)
  • Water Skills, Confidence and Safety (based on Swim England ‘ASA’- School Swimming and Water Safety Charter)

All pupils are fully assessed for health to enter the water and continually updated on their individual level of water skills competencies and hydrotherapy programmes.

We are able to offer a hiring service and our facilities include the following: (Please contact tlane@palatineschool.org).

  • 3 X Separate changing areas with showers
  • Twin hoist system with adjustable changing beds
  • Physiotherapy equipment and Learn to Swim buoyancy aids and accessories
  • A fully maintained and monitored environment with safety equipment



Soft Play

We have a soft play room and a climbing wall which are used in a range of ways, including to support pupils with their physical development, social and emotional development and regulation. 

Forest School

At Palatine Primary we offer on-site forest school activities. This enables our pupils to feel safe and supported whilst developing the forest school skills through activities and experiences.

Pupils develop a love and understanding of the outdoor environment, expand their confidence, self-esteem and social skills and learn to self-assess for risk and behaviour management.

Sensory, Immersive and Dark Rooms

We have an interactive immersive room which uses the latest motion tracking technology.  Our immersive room is fully interactive, featuring a highly responsive interactive floor that children can immerse themselves into different topics and environments.

Imagine an ocean scene being projected with interactive water ripples & swimming fish with all the lights in the room set to blue to create an underwater feel, or even a snowflakes scattering across the walls and floor. With our immersive room the possibilities are endless.

Full List of Facilities

17 Classrooms
Hydropool (1.2m depth)
Sports Hall
Dining Hall
Climbing Wall
Immersive Room
Conference Room for Multi Professional Meetings
Learning Intervention Rooms
Dark Room
Sensory Room

Eye Gaze 
Soft-play Room
Speech & Language Therapy Room
Play Therapy/Drawing & Talking Room
Rebound Therapy Area
Two playgrounds
Forest School
Outdoor Sand & Water play area
Sensory Playground
…and more!

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