The teachers in Flamingo class are Sophie Milner-Smith and Gemma Meachim, supported by Tanya, Patricia, Alison, Bex, Amanda and Rebecca who are all teaching assistants. Flamingo class is a primary class with 10 children and we learn through exploring, playing and investigating.  Children engage in independent learning activities, adult led tasks and child led activities, based on their interests and the topics that we have been following. We enjoy sensory activities and stories, as well as quiet time for relaxation and yoga.

In Flamingo class the children are all good friends and very supportive of each other, they love to be different characters in the role play area and to play games and have fun. Flamingos is a nurturing class where the children access many different interventions to support their individual needs. This includes sunshine circles, attention autism and jump ahead.

We have swimming on Monday afternoons and PE on Monday mornings. We will be having trips on Wednesday mornings.


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