The class teacher in Hedgehog Class Marwa Sewilam who is supported by a team of 5 wonderful teaching assistants, Jenna, Sam, Jessica, Chloe and Lauren.

In our classroom we support the children to work on their communication and social skills through independent learning, games sessions and regular opportunities for whole class and small group communication sessions. We also develop the children’s creativity and ability to focus by following an Attention Autism programme, which is an exciting daily group activity that helps the children to develop their communication as well as their curiosity to learn and take turns.

The children are encouraged to engage in independent learning and access directed learning tasks with 1:1 support. The children ate also supported to take part in group activities that help develop their ability to manage their emotions and learn to turn take as well as listen to each other. There is also a quiet/ sensory activity room which can be used by children who need physical activity to help them focus or a quiet space to help them self regulate. Our aim is to create an environment that empowers children, makes them feel safe and develops their fascination for learning!

Our topic this term is “Back to the Future” offering opportunities for us to explore the concepts of past, present and future. The children have been exploring different decades across the 20th century through music, toys and clothes. We have also explored significant events such as the moon landing and the Titanic, allowing us to investigate materials and concepts such as changing states, gravity, floating and sinking.


** Photos show our 80s dress up day where the children listened to 80s music and had a disco. They also did ‘What’s in the Box?’ 



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