Welcome to Jellyfish Class!!

The class teacher is Sophie Loydell, who is supported by a wonderful team of teaching assistants; Joy, Sharon, Di, Jodie and Zoe.

In Jellyfish class, the children learn in a variety of different ways, using a total communication approach (signing/symbols/objects of reference/verbal). Their learning is tailored to their needs and includes:

– 1:1 work with the teacher

– Sensory activities to teach the children strategies to regulate their emotions.

– Independent work at a work station to help the children to be more independent in their learning and practise skills that have previously been taught.

– Play activities to develop the children’s play skills and social communication.

– Reading in the class reading area or visits to the library.

Everyday the children take part in ‘What’s in the box?’ Attention Autism sessions that help to develop the children’s focus, attention, communication and turn taking skills. Following this, the children are asked how they are feeling, using the ‘Zones of Regulation’ to teach them different emotions and strategies to help them to regulate when they are not feeling calm.




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