Koala Class

Koala Class is in the Engineers hub. Pupils in Koala Class are in Years 4-6.

Koala Class days for the diary

Swimming: Fridays in the Autumn Term at Littlehampton Wave

Where children have additional swimming or hydrotherapy sessions, your child’s class teacher will inform you of these days.

PE: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Forest School: Tuesdays in the 2nd half of Autumn Term. Thursdays in the 2nd half of Spring Term. Tuesdays in the 2nd half of Summer Term.

Topics for Koala Class in 22/23

Autumn Term: To Infinity and Beyond

Spring Term: It’s all Legendary

Summer Term 1: At the Movies

Summer Term 2: Whole School Topic

Janetta Gill is the teacher in Koala Class.


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