Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding allocated to schools for pupils who are eligible to be in receipt of free school meals (FSM), who have been eligible for FSM over the past 6 years (Ever 6 FSM) or whose parents are in the armed forces (Ever 5 Service Premium). In addition, an allocation is also made to pupils in local authority care (CLA).

The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is money used to ensure that pupils who are at risk of underachievement are able to reach their full potential and access the same opportunities, provision and enrichment as those pupils not eligible for PPG.

Our long-term objective is that pupils in receipt of PPG are supported to overcome any specific barriers they may have in order to access the curriculum alongside their peers. 

You can see how funds have been allocated and spent in the strategies below.  

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