Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish

Rainbowfish is a class of 8 pupils – 3 boys and 5 girls – who are part of the explorers hub. Their teacher is Sarah Richardson and she is supported by 8 Teaching Assistants – Sarah W, Clare, Sam, Jo, Sharon, Heidi, Eleanor and Bex. Lucy will be doing PPA cover in Rainbow Fish Class.

Pupils in Rainbowfish Class follow either the ImPACTS curriculum or the Progress 10 curriculum. These curriculum’s consist of a set of 10 targets, covering the areas of: Communication, Cognition, Environmental Control Technology (ECT), Personal, Social and Emotional Well-Being (PSEWB) and Physical (fine and gross motor). These targets form the basis of our learning so we work on these 10 targets throughout the day through using our daily routine. We believe in a child centered approach to learning where the child’s needs come first. This means making sure that the child is ready to learn by ensuring that all of their personal care and emotional needs are met first. 

We encourage learning through the use of sensory exploration which means that we have lots of messy fun!



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