Sensory and Physical Development

At Palatine, our curriculum is broken down into the four areas of need: Cognition and Learning, Communication, Sensory and Physical development and Social, Emotional and Mental Health development.

Our sensory and physical curriculum combines pupil’s development in their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, physical health and wellbeing as well as supporting pupils with sensory regulation. This means that pupils are supported to develop their independence, safety and physical wellbeing through targeting areas such as going to the toilet, eating a wider range of foods and eating independently and healthily, developing dressing and undressing skills and learning about how to keep safe. Pupils sensory needs are supported as required through sensory integration assessments and then supported with a sensory circuits plan and sensory tools which enables pupils to remain regulated throughout the day. Pupils fine motor skills are a priority and pupils have regular fine motor provision embedded in their daily independent learning including the use of fine motor programmes where appropriate (such as Dough Disco).

Pupils have daily access to physical development learning which includes use of our wider school facilities built to support pupils in this area (soft play, climbing wall, outdoor play areas).

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Our Physical Development team are a valued part of our physical development provision. Their skills enables us to provide high quality physical development provision which includes:

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