Squirrel class is an upper primary class with 14 children in it. Janetta Gill is the class teacher who is ably assisted by Victoria, Annalise, Jenny, Harley, Nic and Kate.

During the children’s school day they are encouraged to use their independence, social and academic skills in a variety of ways. Squirrel class is taught through a mixture of small group/1:1 discrete learning sessions and also through independent learning activities. The children will access all of the National Curriculum subjects throughout the school year, through a variety of topics, whilst also having the opportunities to develop their communication skills, their social, emotional and mental health and their sensory and physical needs. Learning takes place inside the class room, outside, in the library, ICT suite and other sites in and around the school and in the wider community. All of the children have personalised targets, which they are encouraged to work on throughout the school day.

This term our topic has been ‘Back to the Future’, where we have been exploring 20th century history. Each week we focus on a new decade – exploring the fashion, music, toys, new inventions, artists, stories and events from that time period. The children have particularly loved exploring board games from each of the decades!

Please get in touch with me, Janetta, if you have any questions or would like to know more about our amazing class. You can do this by using the communication book or emailing me directly on jgill@palatineschool.org


Squirrel class team

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