Toolbox Tools

Toolbox Tools

To support our curriculum approaches, all pupils have a toolbox of tools which is personalised to their own barriers to learning to help them to succeed. These tools support learning across the four areas of need and are set, reviewed and evaluated each year for their success in supporting pupils progress. Some of our tools are run as interventions through highly skilled staff and some approaches are interwoven through pupils’ day to day learning. Some tools support teachers with appropriate target setting, some are assessment tools so that appropriate learning can be set and some approaches are health services which support pupils personalised provision  (such as SALT, OT and Physiotherapy). Each child has their own toolbox for a personalised approach which is shared with parents and professionals working around the child.

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Cognition and Learning tools

Attention Autism

AET Autism Progression Framework

Downs Education Programme – See and Learn

Memory Magic

Reading interventions and tools

Write Dance

Communication tools

Downs Education Programme – See and Learn

Elklan TALC

Speech and Language Therapy

Lego Therapy

Sensory and Physical Development tools

Jump Ahead

Jump Start

Sensory Integration Programmes

Sensory Diet


Occupational Therapy

Sensory Support Services


Dough Disco

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Development tools

ELSA provision

Curtis Scale

Drawing and Talking Therapy

Winston’s Wish

Zones of Regulation

Sunshine Circles / Theraplay

Nurture support, including: 1:1 sessions, small group play sessions and mindfullness

Pastoral support, including: breakfast club, access to extra curricula activities, FLO support

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