Stevie Solvesit and the Case of the Stolen Car, age 7+. Interactive Zoom show on 8th & 14th April, 11am, 1pm, 3pm. 

Stevie Solvesit is the most successful private detective in Britain – but sometimes they need a little help! That’s where you come in. Join Stevie and help solve the case of the stolen car. You will decide your own detective name, put yourself in the suspects shoes with sneaky sneaking and reckless driving! You will sing along with the solving song and learn some Makaton signs too. You will be entering codes, searching the Wild Wood and sifting through evidence. Everything you need to prepare will be included in your top secret casefile which will be sent to you when you book the show!  For more information and booking, click here.

Blackbeard’s Revenge, age 7+. Zoom show on 7th, 9th, 13th & 15th April; 10am, 12 o’clock, 2pm.

Join Freddie on a multi-sensory and interactive pirating adventure! You will discover Blackbeard’s long-lost ship, design your own pirate flag and raise it high, sing a pirate song and find a glittering treasure trove. But Blackbeard takes his revenge and you’re trapped! How will you escape? Well, you’ll have to join Freddie on their adventure to find out! For more information and booking, click here.


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