24th November 2023


Dear Parents and Carers,

Today within our INSET day programme staff are undertaking a huge variety of training. As we are a big staff team much of our routine training is done on a cycle, so each INSET day we will have staff undertaking medical training, first aid and basic life support, manual handling and positive handling/behaviour management and restraint reduction (PRICE) training. There is also a regular safeguarding element with today’s focus being on Prevent. Within these ongoing and mandatory elements some staff will be undertaking the required refresher training and other newer staff their full training. In addition to this, today, staff working across a number of Explorers classes are undertaking training in TEACCH to develop their expertise in supporting pupils with autism. Another group are focussed on using language to support learning. Finally, a group of teaching staff are working with colleagues in a local mainstream school on extending pupils and providing challenge within learning. You will appreciate from this the diversity of training that takes place each INSET day in order that we can keep our children safe and ensure that we can meet the highly individualised needs of our pupils.

The children have done some great learning in school this week. A number of our Engineers children have been on a trip to the Amberley Museum which they thoroughly enjoyed, one particularly enjoying the train simulation. Our Investigators classes joined in with a performance of Cinderella and had so much fun interacting with the performers. Many pupils have made progress in their communication this week; one pupil is starting to reply to conversations in context and another child has been using adult names. One child has been using their new communication device. One child has had some huge steps forward this week. They have started to use one symbol PECS, can point out their name on the self-registration board, is trying to sing along to our Days of The Week song, and is copying some of the Dough Disco moves! In other learning one child independently wrote and ‘I’ after adult modelling and another wowed us with their multiplication and division.

Attendance Focus

Best attendance for last week:

Explorers Hub – Zebra class

Investigators Hub – Turtle class

Engineers Hub – Husky class

Advice from the Child Accident Prevention Trust

With Christmas coming and the cost of living going up, we are all looking for savings.  But there are cheap toys on sale on online marketplaces that could seriously harm children.

We tend to think: If we can buy it, it must be safe.  This is generally true for toys we buy from high street chains, including their online stores and from the websites of big-name toy brands.  However, it gets more complicated when we buy from an online platform.

Even if you type in the brand name of the toy you want, you’ll be presented with lots of options, including cheaper copycats.

When we buy from an online platform, not everything they sell is supplied by them and they don’t have to check that toys from other sellers are safe.  So, if it’s not a brand name you know, that toy you bagged at a bargain price could be coming from a dodgy dealer anywhere in the world and it could be dangerous for your child.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust highlights the four dangerous types of toys to watch out for:

  • Toys with accessible button batteries that can burn through your child’s food pipe.
  • Super strong magnets that can rip through your child’s belly.
  • Toys with long cords that can strangle your child.
  • Cheap electrical toys with chargers that can catch fire or wires that can electrocute your child.

More information, including a free webinar can be found on The Child Accident Prevention Trust website

The Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS) launched a campaign in March to raise awareness about potential hazards to adults and children associated with toys and electrical products.  Before you buy, you can check if an item is on the product recall list by searching ‘product recalls’ on GOV.UK

 A Friendly Reminder

We have had a complaint raised by one of our neighbours about where people are parking and the comments that they have been subject to by our community. It is very important that people follow the Highway Code and parking regulations and treat members of the public with respect. Thank you.

The sign of the week is happy! 

As we enter the last three weeks of the autumn term we are all very aware of the increased feelings of excitement, anticipation and / or anxiety that the festive period can bring. We continue to provide as much routine and normality as possible in school to support the children whilst providing them with opportunities to experience the joy and fun of this time of the year. Please watch out for our mailings moving forward as they will provide you with information about the events that we would like you to join us for as well as details of those which the children are undertaking in school.

Date reminders:

Last day of term: Friday 15th December

1st day of term: Wednesday 3rd January 2024

Have an enjoyable weekend everyone.

Very best wishes,


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