15th March 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we approach the end of the spring term, it is lovely to see the progress the children are making in school. A number of pupils have represented the school at sporting competitions, playing football at the Albion cup and at a local Boccia tournament. The children did very well and represented the school brilliantly! Within language and literacy, one child has been sounding out most of the phonics from ‘The Song of Sounds’ whilst another started to write some of the letters in their phonics lesson.  Another copied the letters of his name beautifully!  Another showed how much they could remember of the stories they have learnt over the term. In communication, one child has been using lots of new words clearly and another has started to use aided language boards to communicate!  One child recalled World Book Day the week before saying ‘I loved this day!’ One child sang ‘hee hi hee hi hoo’.  Another independently crossed the room and found two matching help symbols which he then took to look at while playing.  In one class this week, lots of the children did some amazing shape work.  In sensory and physical development one child has been working hard in the pool, whilst another managed 40 minutes in their stander. Another worked hard on their fine motor skills; opening and closing his hands. One child touched playdoh and engaged in a whole hello session without the iPad. Another transitioned to soft play and the sensory room and joined the session with peers from class.

Safeguarding Spotlight 

Fidget Spinners are gaining in popularity again, but doctors have raised concerns about cheap fidget spinners with LED lights powered by small ‘button’ batteries, where the battery compartment is easily accessible to children.  If swallowed, those button batteries may cause serious injuries.

Lithium button batteries can be particularly dangerous as they are larger in diameter than other types and are more powerful.  If ingested, they may get lodged in a child’s oesophagus and can cause serious internal burns within hours or even death.  This is because when button batteries touch wet surfaces, such as up the nose or down the oesophagus, they create a closed circuit and release their remaining energy. This then produces caustic soda which burns not only the area the battery is touching but the surrounding tissue too

Fidget spinners bought from reputable retailers should be safe. Toy safety regulations specify that a battery compartment should be safely secured with a small screw or need two independent or simultaneous movements to open the battery compartment.  Cheap light-up toys bought online or from markets, discount stores or pop-up shops may not comply with safety regulations.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT)has joined forces with the British and Irish Portable Battery Association (BIPBA) to provide information and guidance on button batteries to parents and professionals working with children and families. They have updated their safety advice to reflect this latest hazard.

It’s not just fully charged batteries that pose a risk, even ‘flat’ or ‘dead’ batteries will have enough electrical charge left to badly injure a child.

Unfortunately, it is not always obvious when a button battery has been swallowed or is stuck in a child’s oesophagus and they may not have any symptoms. If you think a child has swallowed a button battery or lithium coin cell battery, take them to A&E immediately or call 999 for an ambulance and say you think the child has swallowed a button battery.  Do not let them eat or drink and do not try and make them sick.

Best attendance for week commencing 4 March:

Explorers Hub – Peacock class – 100%

Investigators Hub – Crocodile class – 100%

Engineers Hub – Sloth class

There are times when absence is unavoidable such as when a child is too unwell to attend. However, it can be tricky deciding whether or not to keep your child off school when they’re unwell. To help parents there is NHS advice and guidance from the Chief Medical Officer (Is my child too ill for school).

The sign of the week is mud! 

Upcoming date reminders:

  • Parent drop-in – week of 18th – 22nd March

We look forward to seeing you on your child’s specific hub day. For some children, we know that seeing parents in school can be confusing and that this event is not appropriate for all pupils. Your class teacher will have discussed this with you. Please do speak to your child’s teacher if you would like to take their work home to look through instead. Please do ensure it comes back to school the next day. There will be further opportunities to look at their work at either their annual review or parents evening in the summer term.

  • Easter/Spring Fayre – Saturday 23rdMarch – 2-4pm

We look forward to seeing many of your next Saturday.

  • Easter Raffle – Wednesday 27thMarch – in school time. This is the last day of term for pupils.
  • INSET day – 28th March– school closed to pupils for staff training


Have a wonderful weekend.

Very best wishes,


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