10th May 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,


We have had a great week in school, and it has been lovely to have some good weather! There have been a number of trips out. The Year 6 pupils returned from camp full of enthusiasm for the activities they had undertaken. They did brilliantly and we are all very proud of them. Some classes have been to Ferring Country Centre and others have played cricket at Hove Cricket Ground. Others have been exploring more of the outside at school. There has been an increase in talking this week with a number of children talking more and to more people. One child said ‘goat’ when out at the country centre. One child has made really good progress in their writing which they have been very reluctant to do before. In PE one child has been working really hard on kicking a ball and has done it this week! Some children have made progress in their independence and one child walked from the bus into class independently whilst another put their shoes on by themselves.

Safeguarding Spotlight

Next week (Monday 13 – Sunday 19 May 2024) is Mental Health Awareness Week.  The theme, as set by the Mental Health Foundation, is “Movement: moving for our mental health.”

Being physically active is great for our bodies and our minds; it makes us happier and healthier. Our bodies release feel-good hormones when we are active, which can reduce anxiety and stress and help us sleep better.

Exercise has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, and it can help us to prevent physical illnesses. Every year, 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem, but many do not get the help they need.  Over 2 million people are waiting for NHS mental health services, and since 2017, the number of young people struggling with their mental health has nearly doubled. Sadly, people living with mental illness die on average 20 years younger than the general population, often from avoidable physical illness. This group is more likely to develop preventable conditions like diabetes, heart disease, bowel cancer and breast cancer.  Research by Mental Health UK shows that 56% of people found that exercising regularly helped them to alleviate stress and prevent burnout in their lives.

Despite the evidence that keeping physically active can promote good mental health, we know there are barriers preventing us doing so, like accessibility, time, money, body image, lack of open space, or the negative connotations we might commonly associated with ‘exercise’ itself.

Movement doesn’t need to look like going to the gym, running a marathon or taking part in a team sport – and it doesn’t need to cost the earth. It can be as simple as stepping off the bus a stop early, moving a 1-2-1 meeting to a walking call, giving your child a push on a park swing after school, or dancing in your kitchen while you cook dinner.

Most of the barriers people encounter are listed below, click on this link to read more about some of the ways they can be overcome.

  • Psychological and emotional
  • Physical Health
  • Financial
  • Time
  • Environment

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England are launching a new podcast, ‘Off the top of your head’ during the week.  Each episode will offer insight and practical tips to enhance mental and physical wellbeing.  You can tune in from today (Fri 10 May) on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Some other useful sources of support for mental health include:

Maternal Mental Health Alliance – dedicated to ensuring all women and families impacted by perinatal mental health problems have access to high-quality compassionate care and support



NHS Mental Health Services

Adur & Arun Wellbeing

West Sussex Wellbeing – West Sussex County Council is providing 12 months free access to Gro Health – a leading NHS certified app to support your health and wellbeing.  For more information go to www.grohealth.com/west-sussex

The sign of the week is suncream!

Attendance Focus

Regular school attendance can facilitate positive peer relationships, which is a protective factor for mental health and wellbeing

Best attendance for week commencing 29 April:

Explorers Hub – Peacock class

Investigators Hub – Stingray class with 100%

Engineers Hub – Sloth class

Date reminders:

  • Wednesday 22nd May: Parents Evening
  • Saturday 15th June: Summer Fair
  • Monday 17th – Thursday 20th June: Sports week – the children will take part in some sporting events within this week and there will be a Sports Day for some classes for whom it would be appropriate. More details to follow.
  • Friday 21st June: INSET day (school closed for pupils).
  • Tuesday 16th July: The Snail and the Whale whole school topic celebration
  • Friday 19th July: Year 6 leavers celebration

Next week the Parents Evening booking information will come out so please look out for this if your child does not have an annual review in this term.

Have a lovely weekend,

Very best wishes,




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