21stJune 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,

The children enjoyed their sports week and the variety of sporting activities planned for them.  Two classes had a brilliant sports morning with races and wheelchair football! All of the children worked hard on their gross motor skills. There was lots of smiling and laughing from all who attended. Others have taken part in races using English Martyrs’ playing field and others in a variety of sporting activities at school, including cricket. Children have made fantastic progress in the pool. A couple of children have learnt to swim underwater, and another swam without floats. The children also develop their physical skills at playtime, and one climbed up the monkey bars for the first time. In literacy, one child wrote some super sentences with little support and sounded each word out so carefully. Two children have learnt to write their names and did so independently this week. Another sang “bees in skis go zoom zoom zoom”, when looking at pictures from a story. In maths, one child matched all the numbers up to 10 with the correct Numicon, naming the numbers alongside. In communication, one child is trying to vocalise more and said “me” and another used their PECs to say “I want 3 orange balls please adult” independently!

 Safeguarding Spotlight

Social media and the risks of sharing images or videos of our children

Children may become vulnerable to grooming if a photograph is shared alongside information that makes them identifiable. This includes: personal details; a tag with location information; visual details such as a school uniform.

  • Images of children may be shared online.
  • Images may be copied, downloaded, screenshotted or shared by anyone.
  • Images of children may be adapted and used inappropriately.
  • Photos or videos may appear in internet search results.

Depending on the terms and conditions of using an online platform, the image may be owned by the platform once it’s been posted. Platforms may then license images for use by third parties – such as for commercial purposes.

Each photo or video, and any comments on them, become a part of a child’s public image. This may affect them later in life – for example, it may affect how they see themselves, or how they are viewed when applying for a job. Before sharing images of children on social media, we should consider how widely images may be shared, how long they may remain available and how this may affect the children’s long-term wellbeing. www.thinkuknow.co.uk

Appointments and changes to pick-up

On occasions when you may need to pick your child up early, for an appointment for example, please notify the office directly rather than emailing the class teacher.  The reason for this is because teachers do not access their emails throughout the day when they are teaching and therefore, an email may get missed.

Inset information

At today’s inset the staff are undertaking a wide range of training:

  • Curriculum training.
  • Compulsory medical training (suction and the underpinning theory of gastronomy)
  • Manual handling updates
  • Therapeutic understanding of behaviours
  • Phonics training

We cover a wide range of training each INSET because training covering medical practice, manual handling and behaviour, for example, have a compulsory update cycle. We then balance our educational training around this.

Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme

Families who are accessing benefits-related Free School Meals (FSM) can now make bookings for the summer HAF programme.  Children aged 4-16 in receipt of benefits-related FSM can access up to 16 sessions this summer, free of charge, and each session includes a nutritious meal.  There are over 60 providers delivering across West Sussex this summer, providing a wide range of enriching activities.  For more information on the HAF Programme, visit www.westsussex.gov.uk/HAF

Bookings are now open and can be made at https://haf.bookinglab.co.uk/westsussex/37147/login 

Before making a booking, you will need to either log into your account or, create one using your child’s existing HAF code.  This is the same code you will have used to book your HAF place previously.  If you have recently registered for benefits-related free school meals, you will find your HAF code on the award letter sent to you by the Free School Meal team.  Any problems finding your HAF code, please email haf@westsussex.gov.uk

Activ8 for Kids are running clubs throughout the summer and have places available for SEND children who require extra support and their siblings.  The sessions are heavily discounted at £5 for the morning and £8 for the whole day. Visit www.activ8forkids.co.uk/classes/holiday-clubs/

There is a SEND Summer holiday club at the Laurels Primary School from 5th to 23rd August.  Spaces are open to children from any school.  HAF spaces are available for eligible children.

This week’s sign of the week is juice.

Have a lovely weekend!

Very best wishes,


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