5th July 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,

The children have had a great week. Some children have worked hard at practicing their social skills and personal safety skills at the park. Three children did beautiful turn taking and sharing in PE.  In maths, one child has learnt to count to 10. In communication, another child has been working hard on their sound talk. In art, a number of classes have completed some beautiful art pieces which are vibrant and colourful. Some of our year 6 pupils had a fantastic time at their transition events and came back to school full of excitement and confidence. One older pupil did a fantastic job helping a younger one with transitions.

Time to Shine

This week a number of children have continued to work hard on their performance for ‘Time to Shine’. This is a new venture between Palatine, Herons Dale and Oak Grove College where the children will be performing at the Connaught Theatre next Wednesday evening (10th July). If you would like to support them and watch the show, do buy a ticket. Please see the flyer which has been sent out to you for more information.

Topic Books

Next week we will be sending your child’s work for you to have a chance to look through at home. There will be an evaluation slip within this for you to share with us your thoughts on the progress of your children. Please return this to school together with the topic books by Tuesday 16th July. Thank you.

Safeguarding Spotlight 

The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) has some summer safety top tips to keep children safe this summer

Watch out for open windows

  • Keep low furniture away from open windows so that children can’t climb and fall out
  • Think about installing window catches
  • If you opt for a lock, keep the keys somewhere you can find them in case there’s a fire and you need to get out

Dogs and children

  • Children are more at risk from dog bites in the summer months when they spend more time together over the long summer holiday
  • While we don’t expect our own dog to bite, any dog can bite if they feel they have no other option

In the garden

  • Make sure chemicals like weed killer and fertiliser are kept away from children
  • Avoid children of very different weights jumping on trampolines together
  • Supervise children around hot tubs, paddling pools and ponds

Swim safely

  • Babies and toddlers can drown in as little as 5cm so they need to be supervised at all times
  • Even older children can easily get into difficulties
  • Be aware of the dangers of swimming in open water, including currents, deep, cold water and things under the surface they cannot see

Be burns aware

  • A BBQ can stay hot enough to cause a burn long after it’s been used
  • Fire pits may even still be hot enough to burn the next day
  • If you’re heading to the beach, beware of disposable BBQs on the sand. If not properly cooled, the sand can hold the heat well after the BBQ has been removed


Free School Meals vouchers for summer 2024

Utilising funding from the Government’s Household Support Fund to help support those most in need and to help with global inflationary challenges and the significantly rising cost of living, West Sussex County Council is pleased to confirm that families with means tested Free School Meal eligible children will once again be entitled to a voucher for each FSM child during the upcoming summer school holiday 2024. FSM eligible families in West Sussex will be entitled to a single £50.00 voucher, per FSM child, to cover the summer holiday period. Vouchers will be issued to eligible families as usual during the week starting 15 July.

Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme

Families who are accessing benefits-related Free School Meals (FSM) can now make bookings for the summer HAF programme.  Children aged 4-16 and in receipt of benefits-related FSM can access up to 16 sessions this summer, free of charge, and each session includes a nutritious meal.  There are over 60 providers delivering across West Sussex this summer, providing a wide range of enriching activities.  For more information on the HAF Programme, visit www.westsussex.gov.uk/HAF

Bookings are now open and can be made at https://haf.bookinglab.co.uk/westsussex/37147/login 

Before making a booking, you will need to either log into your account or, create one using your child’s existing HAF code.  This is the same code you will have used to book your HAF place previously.  If you have recently registered for benefits-related free school meals, you will find your HAF code on the award letter sent to you by the Free School Meal team.  Any problems finding your HAF code, please email haf@westsussex.gov.uk

  • Activ8 for Kids are running clubs throughout the summer and have places available for SEND children, who require extra support, and their siblings.  The sessions are heavily discounted at £5 for the morning and £8 for the whole day. Visit activ8forkids.co.uk/classes/holiday-clubs/
  • There is a SEND Summer holiday club at the Laurels Primary School from 5th to 23rd Spaces are open to children from any school.  HAF spaces are available for eligible children.

This week’s sign of the week is bubbles!

Have a lovely weekend!

Very best wishes,



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