Sensory and Physical Development

Sensory and Physical Development

Our PE curriculum promotes a healthy attitude towards ourselves and others.  We instil children with the belief that they can participate in all activities and planning is adapted to meet the individual pupils. We offer a range of different activities including swimming and Rebound Therapy to motivate and engage children.  There are also individualised programmes such as ‘Jump Ahead’ available to support children in gaining in necessary skills to access the full range of the curriculum.

The children across our school develop confidence and competence in performing different skills and build a resilience to overcome challenges as they arise. A positive attitude towards active lifestyles is promoted and we aim to introduce children to lifelong physical activity.  Children work individually and in groups.

The curriculum also allows children to learn about working in a team, helping others, healthy competitiveness and learning how to accept defeat.  Children learn how to look after their bodies and keep themselves healthy in addition to greater independence skills of changing and dressing.

We promote inclusion in sports and games additionally as extra curricula activities with a dance club and lunchtime football and basketball clubs.

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