Engineers Hub

Engineers hub

Engineers are building on our knowledge to develop our awareness of big concepts in the world around us.

Learners in Engineers are building on their established knowledge build through their prior learning. Topic learning exposes pupils to a greater range and complexity of themes which broaden learner’s horizons and view of the world both past, present, and in familiar and wider environments. Learners have many opportunities to embed their learning through challenges, working alongside others and learning experiences within the wider community that develop their cultural capital. Topic themes are carefully planned for with exciting, mysterious and thought provoking starts to topics capturing pupil’s imagination allowing them to become immersed in their learning. Skill specific learning is valued and promoted with mastery approaches being utilised where needed for pupils. Parents are encouraged to be engaged in learner’s experiences through communication grids that are shared with parents and celebration events where parents are invited to come and share in learning that has taken place. In the summer term learners are exposed to preparing for adulthood opportunities through topics that provide learners with time to work collaboratively for a set outcome. Learners in year 5 and 6 also have significant opportunities where they are able to prepare to be secondary ready through bespoke and personalised transition experiences.

Janetta Gill and Nathan Bird are joint Engineers Hub Leaders

The classes in the Engineers hub for 2023-24 are:

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