Explorers Hub

Explorers Hub

Explorers are starting out on our learning journeys and beginning to explore the world around us.

Our Explorers Hub has two parts. We have provision for pupils with complex needs (those with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and those with complex Autism) and an Early Years Hub with classes using a play based approach and following the Early Years ethos and curriculum.

Toni Sharpe is the Explorers Hub lead with oversight of the Early Years Hub

Sophie Loydell is the Explorers Hub lead with oversight of provision for pupils with complex needs

We used a topic based approach to learning and our key themes within this focus on experiences of and understanding pupils immediate world around them through sensory exploration. Topics for classes in the Explorers learning hub form an initial stimulus from which to hang learning and provision. Children’s engagement in learning is actively promoted and personalised through considering children’s individual interests/ likes and dislikes in exploring familiar or unfamiliar stimuli. Learning and provision is child led and promotes children taking an active role in making choices about their engagement and response.

Developing the aspects of engagement are highly promoted within our provision with pupils learning to explore the world around them in increasingly complex ways, making links to stimuli they have explored before and developing an awareness of objects that have encountered before making links to those that are similar. Pupils are supported to develop their anticipation through developing awareness and understanding of their routines and understanding cause and effect in a range of experiences. Pupils are supported to develop persistence in how they explore and in their communication building into being able to initiate interaction in a range of ways.

Within our learning environments, pupils are supported to develop their engagement with provision promoting pupils to build their curiosity, awe and wonder through exciting and motivating real life stimulus and experiences. We plan to take account and provide opportunities to support the different schemas of exploration and teachers use their knowledge of pupils individual patterns of play to build upon these and broaden their explorations. Pupils sensory and physical development is promoted through active learning experiences within our planned independent learning provision.

Pupils in the explorers hub may be developing their subject specific learning or may be using a targeted approach to learning where the focus is on developing their aspects of engagement within cognition and learning. Pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties are taught using the ImPACTS curriculum.

Some children may be working within the Explorers’ Hub for longer periods of their school career and will be working to consolidate, master and embed their learning across the 4 areas of need which will be personalised to each child’s own learning journey. Planned coverage also takes account of ensuring there are sufficient opportunities to revisit, consolidate and build upon emerging skills as children progress through their year/s.

Pupils in reception start in the Explorers Hub and are based either within our Early Years Hub classes or are supported within a class that caters specifically for their complex needs.


The classes in the Explorers Hub for 2023-24 are:

The classes in the Explorers Hub (Early Years) for 2023-24 are:

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