Explorers Hub

Explorers Hub

Explorers are starting out on our learning journeys and beginning to explore the world around us.

Topics for classes in the Explorers learning hub form an initial stimulus from which to hang learning and provision. Children’s engagement in learning is actively promoted and personalised through considering children’s individual interests/ likes and dislikes in exploring familiar or unfamiliar stimuli. Learning and provision is child led and promotes children taking an active role in making choices about their engagement and response. Children’s choices are enabled through children using symbols to request, through direct questioning and through assessing the engagement in activities and using these as a starting point for learning provision and stimulus provided. Parents are engaged in children’s learning through regular sharing of children’s learning journals and opportunities to give ideas for planning at key points during the year as well as regular liaison and advocacy for their children about their likes/ dislikes and interests as well as their child’s bio behaviours which supports practitioners to understand pupil’s readiness to learn. Some children may be working within the explorers’ hub for longer periods of their school career and will be working to consolidate, master and embed their learning across the 4 areas of need which will be personalised to each child’s own learning journey. Planned coverage also takes account of ensuring there are sufficient opportunities to revisit, consolidate and build upon emerging skills as children progress through their year/s.

Toni Sharpe is the Explorers Hub Leader


The classes in the Explorers hub for 2022-23 are:

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