Investigators Hub

Investigators Hub

Investigators are finding out about the world around us through investigation.

Topic learning encourages pupils to investigate the world around them more widely through themes that look at and encourage pupils to be compare similarities and differences between what is familiar and what is unknown to them. Children in investigators have many opportunities to investigate their learning in creative ways often following play based themes and having opportunities to lead their play, learning and investigate new learning through these experiences. The topic themes are reflected in children’s learning environments and are exciting and stimulating for children to engage in and investigate. Pupil’s engagement is considered and what motivates them is used to support children in investigating the world around them, using their own starting points as starting points for learning. Parents are engaged in children’s learning through opportunities where they can regularly share progress and topic books and parent celebration days linked to topics and investigations. Planned coverage takes account of ways that children will learning all the time through access to core independent learning provision as well as topic specific learning that supports skill development. Children also have the opportunities to revisit key learning often across the years to ensure that this learning is consolidated and built upon as they plan, explore, investigate and learn.


Katie Walker is the Investigators Hub Leader


 The classes in the Investigators hub for 2023-24 are:

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