Within our Junior Hub (Key Stage 2) pupils follow the national curriculum 2014 and use a more subject discrete approach to learning. Independence is promoted and pupils are encouraged to be proactive in their learning. Pupils are taught through engaging topics that facilitate learners to pursue their interests at a level that enables challenge and curiosity. Teaching and learning within the Junior hub prepares learners for their transition into secondary school with an increase of more formal adult directed learning whilst maintaining an appropriate balance of independent and pupil led investigation. Pupils within Years 5 and 6 receive Sex Education. This is delivered at an appropriate level for each pupil that provides the valuable information pupils need for understanding the changes they may face as they go through puberty and beyond. These sessions are facilitated in single sex sessions. Pupils in year 6 are prepared for their transition into secondary school through regular visits into their new schools (often Oak Grove College). Teachers also meet regularly to pass on key information and new teachers come for visits to see their new children in their year 6 environment. Where appropriate individual resources are prepared for pupils i.e. social stories and timetable strips which aid these pupils with understanding the transition process.

Classes in the Junior Hub this year are:







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