At Palatine school maths is divided into blocks of study that span all levels across the school and are split into programmes of study in numeracy and shape, space and measure.

At the earliest level of learning there is an emphasis on the experience and emerging awareness of touch, communication, vision, movement, and sensory exploration. Pupils work at reacting, responding, engaging and cooperating in a variety of situations using the senses. They continue into the pre key stage frameworks by beginning to communicate intentionally, participate with less adult support, sustain concentration, explore materials, remember learned responses and respond to options and choices.  As skills develop there is a focus on developing pupil’s skills in the number system, calculations, measures, shape and space whilst seeking to use and apply those skills in a wide range of contexts. Pupils further develop these skills in number, shape, space, measures and handling data with added emphasis on the number system, place value, addition and subtraction (both written and mental methods), multiplication and division (including times tables and written methods), fractions, algebra and using and applying these skills. These processes are supported by our calculations policy which is consistently used across the school. Children are encouraged to be independent in solving problems, asking questions and recording their workings. We use the white Rose Maths mastery approaches to maths to support mathematical learning in our engineer’s hub.

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