Supporting me to Build Positive Relationships With Others

Supporting me to build positive relationships with others

What this area will help me to learn?

What that may look like?

Supporting pupils to rebuild relationships and re learn how to interact and build relationships with others including sharing, turn taking, greeting and interact with others positively, play alongside and with peers, respond to my familiar and ne adults, seek adults to help, support and comfort me when I need them, know which adults help me and can support me to keep safe when I need them.

There will be opportunities within the day where the focus is on rebuilding relationships with peers and adults. This may be in the form of:

Independent learning to nurture parallel and joint play

Turn taking games and activities

Sharing games and activities

Intensive interaction opportunities using call and response games and songs.

Time where adults can give sole attention to pupils re-building relationships

Games and activities where pupils can work together such as board games or outdoor PE games.

Safety work about who keeps us safe and who can keep us safe at school and at home and in the community.

Safety work about how adults can help us.

Activities that link to children’s interests to show we are interested in them.

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